August 17, 2016 by Thriving Now Support

EFT Tapping Tip: Try a Nurturing Location

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Key points:

  • What place nourishes and cleanses your energy system?
  • Experiment with new places.
  • Our energy systems have yet to catch up with the stresses of technology life.

It’s a beautiful and sunny spring morning here in the mountains. The air has a crisp brightness to it, the birds are singing, and it is almost impossible to go outside and not feel energized. As I walk around, there are certain places that seem more powerful than others. I am drawn to stop and spend a few moments soaking in. Other spots seem to harmonize my feelings, to draw from me the unhealthy energies and stresses that build up over the course of life, travels, and relationships.

Have you a favorite spot that nourishes and cleanses your energy system?

Sometimes when we try to use EFT (or even relax and unwind) in the same space that holds a lot of emotional “charge” for us, it can interfere with our focus. So, experiment with new places and see if you notice a difference. For example, find a park and lean against a tree. Feel its support while you tap. Find water, and watch the water while you tap. Get up early and find a place where you can see the sunrise, and tap.

For most of our evolution, we have NOT spent our days driving cars and sitting in front of computers, TVs, and telephones. Our energy systems have yet to catch up with the stresses of technology life. If you are energetically depleted, depressed, fatigued, or stressed, you owe it to yourself to locate a nurturing place to meditate and renew. And you may find that even 15 minutes in such a place can provide the kind of deep energetic help that allows your whole energy system to become brighter and more resilient.

The family and I took a trip to Niagara Falls this past weekend. We were only at the falls for six hours, yet I still feel the power and energy of that place two days and many hours of driving later. I can close my eyes and see the water rushing over the rim. I can feel the spray on my face, and see the setting sun shining rainbows through the ever-present mist.

God has created infinite beauty to nourish our spirit and support us in our constant renewal and healing. Notice the little, positive things. And find yourself a place where you can feel the positive energy as you use EFT to transform whatever pain you’re feeling into optimal health.

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