Do you deserve abundance? Really?

You may think that you're clear on this one, but many of us have subconscious beliefs that limit what we attract into our lives.

To find out what may be blocking you, imagine that you already have something you want.

It could be money in the bank.

You might be wearing that outfit you want to fit into and feeling fantastic.

Maybe you have the key to your new home.

Really tune into the experience of having what you desire. Now, notice how your body feels. Do you feel completely at ease? Or is there tension growing?

Notice what thoughts start coming up.  Doubts? Fears? Judgments?

If you run your "daydream" forward in time, does the vision stay happy and nice… or do bad things start happening?

If your body feels uncomfortable or frightened while imagining that experience, then your primitive brain is resisting… blocking you from actually getting what you want! Weird, isn’t it? We want something… yet part of us does NOT!

So… Let’s Do Some Detective Work

What happened in your daydream? Was it fun for a few minutes and then bad things started happening? Perhaps your family showed up looking poor and sad, demanding money. Or you "saw" your mother's face when she saw the nice clothes and you "heard" her judgments about people wasting time on vanity.

Maybe you imagined being in your nice house and feeling frightened that someone would find out you don’t deserve to have nice things and take it away.

Such stories are the subconscious mind's way of communicating its perspective to you. It's giving you clues about the beliefs and fears that are holding you back.

You might ask yourself where you learned these "truths." For instance, how do you know that you don’t deserve to have nice things? When did you decide that? Was it when you were in 5th grade and the school bully stole your new lunch box and ruined it? Or did you drop your ice cream cone when you were 4 and get shamed for it?

Deserving (#2) 1

Tapping to release issues and past traumas around deserving can help us attract a lot more abundance!

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though part of me thinks I don't deserve the things I want, I'm getting ready to allow them anyway.

Even though I feel ashamed for wanting wonderful things because I was “so bad” back then, I'm open to letting that go and feeling surprisingly okay enjoying abundance.

Even though I never thought I deserved to have so much, I bet I could get really used to abundance in all its forms!

Top of the Head: I don't deserve it.
Eyebrow: I'm not good enough.
Side of the Eye: There are so many people without.
Under the Eye: How can I deserve to feel good?
Under the Nose: I might mess it up.
Chin: They don't think I deserve it.
Collarbone: I don't deserve it.
Under the Arm: That's the truth. The OLD truth. And nothing but the OLD truth!

Top of the Head: What if I don't have to deserve it?
Eyebrow: But I have to earn it… don’t I?
Side of the Eye: Maybe I could just allow it.
Under the Eye: What if the Universe would like to send me gifts?
Under the Nose: That would be awesome!
Chin: But part of me is still tuned to not deserving.
Collarbone: It was my explanation for why I didn't have it… back then.
Under the Arm: Do I need that belief anymore?

Top of the Head: I used to have a lot of reasons for not deserving abundance.
Eyebrow: But I'm tapping on them and getting clearer every day.
Side of the Eye: I'm ready to allow rich experiences into my life.
Under the Eye: I'm ready to appreciate them.
Under the Nose: I used to think I did not deserve them.
Chin: I choose to see them now as gifts from Source.
Collarbone: You don't have to deserve gifts.
Under the Arm: You just say THANK YOU!
Top of the Head: Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Take a slow, deep breath.

What came up for you? Did you realize that even life is a gift, each breath a gift from the Universe?

Deserving (#2) 2

If you remembered reasons why you still believe you don’t deserve to get what you want… at least you are getting more clarity. With clarity, we can clear them out and move towards what we want with a deep feeling of safety… and gratitude.

If you don't feel adept tapping on these issues yourself, no worries—a lot of these issues are best faced together. Get a private session, organize or join a tapping group, or find a tapping buddy.

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