It’s Okay To Be Skeptical… And Try It For Yourself Anyway

The question we have for you is how do you feel when you tap? Do you feel more relaxed and happy? Most people do.

So even if tapping doesn’t work a miracle for you (and reducing stress is strongly linked to a longer and more thriving life), it can certainly make it more enjoyable and happier!

You can even try tapping on your doubts about tapping!

Side of Hand: Even though I’m not sure that tapping works, and it might be a waste of time for me, I choose to examine the data and come up with an answer that feels right for me personally.

Even though I’m pretty skeptical, I do want to feel better, and it might be worth testing out to see how it makes me feel.

Even though I’m not sure this is for me, no one’s making me do this! I can try it out if I want, and decide for myself.

Top of the Head: I’m not sure about this tapping stuff.
Eyebrow: I don’t know if EFT is for me.
Side of the Eye: That’s okay.
Under the Eye: It’s pretty fast to learn.
Under the Nose: I can try it out and see how I feel.
 It does seem kind of silly.
Collarbone: But it doesn’t hurt.
Under the Arm: What if it helps?

Top of the Head: It’s okay if I’m skeptical!
Eyebrow: A lot of people are when they start.
Side of the Eye: I can give it a try
Under the Eye:
 And decide for me.
Under the Nose: What if it helps?
 So what if it doesn’t?
Collarbone: I’m open to finding something that helps.
Under the Arm: What if this is another tool for my toolbox… one that I can always have at my fingertips?

Top of the Head: I’m still not sure.
Eyebrow: And that’s okay.
Side of the Eye: It may be silly
Under the Eye:
 But I do feel a little more relaxed!
Under the Nose: I like that.
 I can decide for myself.
Collarbone: Is this something I want to explore?
Under the Arm: It’s okay if I have doubts.
Top of the Head: I can see what works for me!

Take a deep breath.

Just notice how your body feels after you tap. Does it feel more relaxed and less resistant? What else helps you feel better this fast (that doesn’t involve food, alcohol, or a credit card)?

One of our fundamental values at Thriving Now is Freedom… for you to individually find what is your own guidance. We know EFT Tapping can work and does work for many, and we also know that nothing is right for everyone. If you like this approach, we have lots more you can explore and learn more about Tapping, Freedom, and Feeling Alive and Engaged!

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