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Quick energy to get off the couch

It was a low-energy day here on the mountain. A perfect day for meditating, which I did. Then I felt that what I really needed was to get moving, to get out on the trail and move my body. Yep! That’s what I needed. And the more I thought about doing that, sitting there on

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Little Things to Help You Feel Loved

Ever notice how changing small things can feel like a bother? Too much work for the reward? Silly example… Whenever I zoom, I put on a bit of makeup. I think the definition makes understanding emotions on video easier. For years I’ve had a scratchy brush to put on blush. Every time I notice the brush is

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What Would Make This Moment Better?

Do you ever wonder if the holidays will leave you flat and disappointed, feeling like you missed out… or alive and full of wonder?

I’ll give you some ways you can add in the Wonder – and some tapping to clear blocks to feeling amazing.

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It’s Not Really Mine Anyway… Letting In Abundance

Do you let yourself “own” your abundance? Most of us would immediately say, “Yes, of course. I just want more!” But if you dig a little deeper, you may find some old patterns and fears lurking in the shadows, blocking your enjoyment and how much you let in.Do you feel like your money is really yours, or

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Tuning Into Abundance… Creating More Right Now!

The primitive brain powerfully affects our lives.That is especially true around abundance.The more our primitive brain realizes that there is plenty and that others can have lots, too, the easier it is to open up and allow more good stuff in. Think about it this way… in an isolated tribe, where our ancestors had to rely

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Did You Bring Enough For Everyone? Blocks to Abundance From Kindergarten

Are you blocking or hiding abundance because of old rules? One of the phrases many of us heard when we were young was “Did you bring enough for everyone?” It could have been candy, gum, a special toy, or a fun comic book. It didn’t matter… that was the catch phrase a lot of teachers

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Spiritual Growth with EFT

I was invited to write the chapter on Spiritual Growth with EFT for the book, Freedom at Your Fingertips. As a special bonus for you, here is a PDF of that chapter along with an audio recording of me reading the book and doing the tapping sequences.

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