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50% of Everything You Do Isn’t As Good… As The Other Half

50% of everything you do… isn’t as good as the other half. The first time I heard this, it was like a punch in the gut. Oh no, it’s true. Half of everything I do isn’t any good. Arrgh! And then I had to smile because…

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EFT Tapping Tip: I Keep Judging Myself!

What do you do if your self-judgment gets in the way of tapping? It isn’t fun to do something when you are constantly feeling criticized!

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Emotional Postures

“Worried” and “angry” are emotional postures. So are peevish, cynical, critical, lonely, unmotivated, ignored, friendless, untrusting, not-good-enough, unappreciated, and unloved. Let’s also include overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, and stressed. If a person demonstrates such a state of being on a consistent basis, it is an emotional posture. It has become how the person stands and relates to the world. EFT and our group coaching program can help you establish new, self-empowered emotional postures.

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Savoring Simple Uplifts

Are you needing an uplift? A simple uplift is the type of thing that is available, I believe, to anyone anywhere. Simple says that it doesn’t have to be Big. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All the conditions don’t have to be perfect. And it can still be savored and give us a pleasurable boost.

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The Immense Value in NEUTRAL

When you’re distressed, can you shift to neutral with confidence and ease? I didn’t realize for a long time that this is a SKILL… a skill that can be cultivated and become one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to ourselves and those around us. People talk about wanting to be Happy. They

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The REAL Affirmation

A typical affirmation is stated in the present tense as if what you want is already yours. For example, “I am wonderful!” Say that to yourself. “I am wonderful!” Notice what your head says right after the affirmation. What your head says AFTER the affirmation is, indeed, the REAL affirmation.

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Pliable… or Playable?

We’re humans. We were born pliable. We adapt to different climates. Cold and warm, scary or pleasant weather. Cold and warm, scary or pleasant people. We were also born playable. We’re susceptible to being manipulated by others and by our culture. And there is a question we can ask to help us not be so susceptible… to give us clarity, calm, and confidence.

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