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What Did You Expect? Healing the Pain of Unmet Expectations

How does it feel when something unexpected happens? When expectations are not met, an alert is always triggered! How we process that alert can lead to distress and confusion… or towards wonder, solid presence, capable action, and calm confidence. What we’re going to be doing together, if you’d like, is to take some expectations that members of our community have offered, and we’ll address them and heal the pain.

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EFT Tapping Manual – Tapping Points and Instructions

Tapping (also known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques) can bring you quick, effective RELIEF from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, pain and suffering, distressing thoughts, disturbing memories, and limiting beliefs. It can help you connect with your inner power and transform procrastination and frustration so you can achieve your dreams. EFT Tapping can remove the blocks to abundance, love, and vitality.

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Emotional Freedom Day – 1st Annual on 2020-07-11

Together let’s activate and celebrate Emotional Freedom! For this 1st Annual Emotional Freedom Day we have for you recordings of our 90-minute Tap-a-thon and a 1-hour Celebration of Emotional Freedom. We come together as a circle to honor the ways that doing emotional work is helping us all express ourselves more freely and authentically in the world. (Watch & Tap Along!)

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Emerging… 4 Steps for Tapping into Courage and Clarity When You Need It

The emotional weather these days feels… unpredictable. Sunny feeling one moment and then with a cold gust of fearfulness — other people’s if not our own. It’s into this that we emerge… and not just now from quarantine and isolation. (Listen and Tap Along)

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3 Steps to Recalibrating Our Threat Sensors

In times of high stress and changing concerns do you need to recalibrate your threat sensors?And how do you do that?It can be so challenging to deal with the sense of threat… and the stress that comes with it. And when the situation is changing day-to-day, with new information, what do you do? (Free coaching and tapping session)

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In These TRYing Times… What Shall We TRY?

How might each of us individually re-fashion our efforts… and life flow… to bring more emotional strength and resilience? What as a community can we TRY during these times that supports the emotional well-being of at least a few other people, both inside and outside our home?

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When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple

It’s REALLY okay right now to Keep It Super Simple… wherever you can. And I know that can be REALLY hard! My brain makes anything complex without me even trying! I include three super simple tips.

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