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Pain Relief – Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW – Day 1

What if you could address your emotional well-being, confront negative self-talk and past traumas, and release negative energy using just your fingertips? Discover the power of EFT Tapping, an effective method for pain relief and empowering body awareness.

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Pain Relief – Trauma and Pain – Day 2

Discover how past traumas, both big and small, can influence your pain today. Learn how to identify these hidden triggers and gain valuable insights to set yourself on the path to lasting relief and the freedom you deserve.

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Pain Relief – Three Subconscious Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Life – Day 3

Discover the powerful connection between your beliefs and physical pain. Understand how acknowledging and addressing your limiting beliefs with EFT Tapping can enhance your well-being and bring relief.

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Pain Relief – Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State – Day 4

Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State — When you’re in stuck in overwhelm, suffering, or despair, your body becomes depleted. By tapping to reduce the intensity of the emotions, you shift your body into a state of self-healing.

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Pain Relief – What Does Your Pain Want To Say? – Day 5

Listen and communicate with your body. Foster a healing partnership. This gentle, compassionate practice not only aids in pain relief but also opens doorways to a savvy resilience and confidence when pain arises.

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Quick energy to get off the couch

It was a low-energy day here on the mountain. A perfect day for meditating, which I did. Then I felt that what I really needed was to get moving, to get out on the trail and move my body. Yep! That’s what I needed. And the more I thought about doing that, sitting there on

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Little Things to Help You Feel Loved

Ever notice how changing small things can feel like a bother? Too much work for the reward? Silly example… Whenever I zoom, I put on a bit of makeup. I think the definition makes understanding emotions on video easier. For years I’ve had a scratchy brush to put on blush. Every time I notice the brush is

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