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When to KISS – Keep It Super Simple

It’s REALLY okay right now to Keep It Super Simple… wherever you can. And I know that can be REALLY hard! My brain makes anything complex without me even trying! I include three super simple tips.

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Enduring What’s Real with a Touch of Grace

Facing what is real can release a lot of energy and bring joy and delight to the smallest moments. It’s when we try to ignore or deny that life gets dull and heavy. Building the muscles to face what is actually happening, and not trying to avoid, can let us be present with the joy that life threads through most experiences. (Free Workshop Session)

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Spread Ideas That Matter

Ideas spread. Virally even. The specific ideas we want to help craft and co-create our culture going forward need conscious spreading AND cultivation. I invite you today… and for the rest of our days… Spread Ideas That Matter. After all… We’re In This Together.

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Getting the Most Out of Virtual Connections

With so many of us isolating and social distancing right now, getting our connection needs met is more challenging than ever! Many of us are trying to meet our connection needs virtually… Which is great for flattening the curve of the Coronavirus… AND…How do you get the most nutrition out of your virtual connections? (Free Workshop Session)

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Amidst the Fear, Your Heart Matters

During this global spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the fear and uncertainty and panic that comes along with it, the way you show up for your heart and with your heart will make a difference. Perhaps ALL the difference. Please do tend to your heart. Feel its feels. Share its truths and its loving heartistry with those who matter to you.

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Dealing with the Fear of the Unpredictable

Staying Grounded and Present In the Midst of Global Fear (Free Recorded Workshop). Whether it’s the fear of a virus that’s appearing in different places, the stock market falling, essential supplies being sold out of stores… The news can give most minds plenty to fear. The survival part of our brains can be really triggered. Join us for this tapping and sharing workshop and circle.

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I Need a Pause Button in the Center of My Forehead

Have you ever found yourself in an argument you didn’t want? One where whether you were “winning” or “losing” it was damaging the relationship. What typically happens? The battle keeps going, of course! Wouldn’t it be great if we could press a big PAUSE button? But where’s the pause button when you need it?!?

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