What if it could be easy?! Wouldn't that be great!

For many of us, subconscious beliefs prevent us from allowing it to be easy. We may want things to go smoothly in our conscious minds, but subconsciously we're hearing all that old baggage…

No pain, no gain!

Nothing good comes easy!

Easy come, easy go!

Since our primitive brain does NOT want us to lose what we have… in the presence of one of these subconscious rules… easy becomes scary.

Our primitive brain can sabotage anything that threatens our survival. And since that part of our brain is very black and white, it may believe that anything easy needs to be sabotaged to keep you safe.

Have you locked your keys in your car just when things were going well? Spilled coffee on your shirt when you were congratulating yourself for being prepared and ready? “Forgot” to return an important call until it was too late?

Sometimes accidents do happen. But if you (or your friends…) see that you have a pattern of this kind of self-sabotage, getting rid of any subconscious blocks you have to allowing abundance to be surprisingly easy is a great place to start.

It can help to look at how your parents and siblings view “life and work being easy,” too. Your subconscious may have internalized their rules even if you don't consciously agree with them. Separating what’s yours and what’s theirs can put you on your own path with your own clarity. We can help. You may be surprised at how fun and easy your creative flow can feel! Whee!!

Letting It Be Easy (#4) 1

Say out loud, “I can let it be EASY.”  How true does that feel when you say that, where 0 is NOT true at all, and 10 is totally true? Where do you feel that in your body right now?

Let’s do some tapping…

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I was taught that it's not supposed to be easy, I'm open to trying a different way.

Even though I think I always have to struggle to get it done… what if I don't!

Even though I equated hard work with abundance… that's an old rule… and I'm ready for an easier life.

Top of the Head: It has to be hard.
Eyebrow: You must struggle…
Side of the Eye: If you want to get ahead.
Under the Eye: That's what they insisted.
Under the Nose: That's how they live.
Chin: If it isn’t hard, how can it be worthwhile?
Collarbone: It has to be hard.
Under the Arm: I have to WORK HARD at everything!

Top of the Head: When did I decide this?
Eyebrow: Why does it have to be hard?
Side of the Eye: Lots of things I value…
Under the Eye: Are easier than in the past.
Under the Nose: I can use technology and see and talk to someone I love…
Chin: without getting on a horse and riding for days.
Collarbone: I can warm my home…
Under the Arm: without chopping down a tree.

Top of the Head: What if it can be surprisingly easy?
Eyebrow: A lot has changed since they made those rules.
Side of the Eye: I don't use carrier pigeons to send messages.
Under the Eye: I email or text my friends instead.
Under the Nose: What if this can be easy, too?
Chin: And even fun?
Collarbone: I do want abundance.
Under the Arm: I want to succeed.
Top of the Head: And I'm ready for it to be at least a BIT easier!

Take a slow, deep breath.

Say out loud again, “I can let it be EASY.”  How true does that feel when you say that now, after the tapping (0 is NOT true at all, and 10 is totally true)?

Does your body feel more comfortable with the notion that you can let it be easy?

Did any limiting beliefs come up as you tapped? Did you feel resistance?

If your life unfolds with easy, peaceful abundance in every way… who might be upset (or feel jealous… or left behind)?

And can you allow your life to blossom… anyway?

Letting It Be Easy (#4) 2

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