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Stress & Anxiety Relief

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If you’re interested in learning how to soothe your body and build resiliency in your life when you face both negative and positive stresses (and we all do)… We invite you to our program where you’ll discover how to release stress allow your body and mind to relax and renew faster and more powerfully than ever.

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Clearing Clutter

Emotional Freedom Coaching 5

We know you've tried to clean it up before… and we know that it didn't last long... Do you know why? Because it’s not about your stuff! Clutter is just a symptom of inner emotional conflicts. Until we resolve our inner emotional conflicts that show up in our lives as physical clutter, this physical clutter will stick around.

We can help you heal what's "missing" for you emotionally and help you clear the conflicts that are keeping you stuck to your clutter. If you want more simplicity, more space, more freedom...

Trauma Relief & The Primitive Brain

Reprogram Your Primitive Brain

Take The Parking Brake Off Your Life! Transform and align your brain so that you start getting more meaningful and fulfilling things done, in less time, while having more fun! This proven program helps you significantly shift times when you are triggered to become more calm, focused, clear, and able to take inspired action. 

Emotional Freedom Coaching 6

Childhood trauma often creates an energy of being frozen… unable to free ourselves from the feelings that predominated when we were young. We can feel bound by family rules… or tormented by the fear of bullies and critics. And painfully unwanted and unlovable. This starter kit includes 5 Coaching & Tapping sessions.

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Trauma Relief Workshop

Release Your Traumas and Change Your Life with EFT and Trauma experts Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, and Sue Beer. Learn from 3 tapping and trauma experts how to release trauma from your body, mind, and spirit with 19 hours of workshop  recordings, 520 page PDF transcript, 80 page PDF workbook

Sleeplessness Relief

Sleep Now...

Quiet The Inner Noise and Recharge Your Energy! Tired of struggling to get to sleep? Or FINALLY falling to sleep only to wake up and stare at the ceiling? Are you fed up with dragging your aching, exhausted self out of bed, and guzzling caffeine so you can function and appear somewhat together? Sick of making silly mistakes because brain fog is wiping out your concentration? You deserve better! And you can get it…

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Pain Relief

Emotional Freedom Coaching 7

It's like having an energy medicine cabinet at your fingertips. This is an empowering and comprehensive Pain Relief coaching and EFT Tapping program designed to bring you relief in your body and mind by: raising your vibration, showing you how to master your focus, and exercising your self-healing systems using EFT, a proven Energy Tapping technique.

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Guidance & Clarity

What To DO... When You Don't Know What To DO!

It’s possible to Discern what are the YES Steps in any situation… even the ones that look impossibly ugly on the surface. If you’re ready to activate your emotional freedom and make clear choices by tapping into all your deeply personal sources of Wisdom and Guidance, join us now!

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Emotional Freedom Coaching 8

Are you exhausted by distressing and anxiety-ridden feelings… that leave you with no clear direction? Overwhelm keeps us from knowing how to direct our energy in pleasing, loving, and effective ways. In this audio coaching and tapping (EFT) program, Carol Look and Rick Wilkes help you shift easily from chronic overwhelm to CLARITY.

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Money & Abundance

Emotional Freedom Coaching 9

Cast Off Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now! We’ll show you a new way to engage with Money and Abundance… so you can release inner conflict and naturally and confidently transform your relationship with money.

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Love & Relationships

Emotional Freedom Coaching 10

Most of us learned to hide inside a shell. It protected us when we were little. It saved us from judgment and shame and rejection. It was the best we knew how to do. But that shell isolates us from connection now. Breaking Out of Your Shell gives you the strategies, tools, and new perspectives to let you break out and start a new way of engaging with people you love in a safe, empowered way. You can allow affection. You can feel safe, and you can start doing that now!

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Emotional Freedom Coaching 11

Release the Blocks to Self-Expression and Recognition. If you’re wanting to express yourself and be recognized for the Being you truly are… this is the right program. "Being Seen" is core to healthy relating. When we see each other beyond the superficial… we can confidently move from hiding into a place of confident self-expression.

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Amazon Kindle E-Books

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Transform Your Emotions with EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping (also called Emotional Freedom Techniques) can bring you quick, effective RELIEF from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, pain and suffering, distressing thoughts, disturbing memories, and limiting beliefs. It can help you connect with your inner power and transform procrastination and frustration so you can achieve your dreams. Tapping can remove the blocks to abundance, love, and vitality. We’re inviting you to try it out for yourself… and see. 

Emotional Freedom Coaching 13

7 EFT Tapping Scripts To Help You Live An Abundant and
Thriving Life... Now!

Abundance is an emotional experience… a feeling we either have… or don’t. We’re not discounting the usefulness of money. It is okay to desire it, work for it, enjoy it. Just keep your focus on the fact that it is not money you want... it’s how you will feel, laugh, play, and explore with that money. Knowing this can give us balance and power in our lives… and make Abundance something you can experience NOW. We can show you how to use EFT Tapping so you can eliminate the emotional distress that blocks you from using your authentic gifts to bring more financial abundance into your life.

Emotional Freedom Coaching 14

5 EFT Tapping Scripts to Help You Have Deep Restful Sleep

We will help you identify and then energetically release (using Tapping - EFT) the limiting beliefs, negative emotional blocks, and old patterns that prevent you from sleeping deeply and peacefully. As your body and mind gets the rest it needs to renew and nourish you, you’ll find your days flowing more easily, new ideas will inspired you, and day-to-day tasks will go from burdensome to easy and even fun. You’ll have more energy and health to create the life you’ve been dreaming of!

Emotional Freedom Coaching 15

Transform Your Pain with Energy Tapping (EFT)

Working WITH Your Body To Find Relief. We invite you to look at your mind-body system in a new way. Instead of fighting your body, it becomes your ally. Instead of using your energy to stuff down the signals and information your body is giving you, you invite communication and use that energy to clear old traumas and blocks. Once your energy is flowing more smoothly, your body can use that strength to heal naturally.

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