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We've designed Transform Your Emotions with EFT Tapping to be perfect for someone new to Tapping.

And, if you’ve already been Tapping for awhile, you are still likely to find interesting the examples and tips… as well as the unique style and perspectives we share as experienced coaches in the tapping community.

We hope you enjoy it and find Tapping immensely useful for your Thriving!

Welcome to Transform Your Emotions with EFT Tapping 1

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  • Margieallison says:

    Thank you so much for giving away so much free of charge.  I’m using EFT with my clients and it’s incredible!

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you guide me in using this with my 12 yr old son with autism?

  • In this day and age, it is remarkable to find such generosity.  I cannot thank you enough.

    • Thanks, David! We can say that we are fortunate to find generosity in many places these days. Part of it is how we choose to tune ourselves by Law of Attraction… so if there is a generous energy in our vicinity that our sense Light Up and bring those to our attention. We LOVE helping others tune the same way!

  • Ralflame7 says:

    Thank you for sharing. I met Gary Craig years ago at a workshop in Wythville Virginia. Gary introduced EFT there. I did’nt respond to it then but have learned to relax easily with it since. My name is Ruth Long, I am a Universal Energy Healing Channel. I was the only African American person in the workshop, also the eldest.

    • Teachernextdoor11 says:

      hi ralflame7, very interested in hearing more concerning your gift of healing. i believe that i have a gift of music. would you please contact me. i would appreciate the opportunity to ask you some questions. my email address is teachernextdoor11@gmail.com. thank you, jay johnson

  • Raymond Williams says:

    This is a fantastic.. well written and yrs ahead of anything else out there..I thank you for giving this to the world what a wonderful gift..
    allowing us all to understand the easy, well researched material.

  • KateGladstone says:

    I downloaded the e-book and followed instructions precisely. My feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, and self-contempt have increased rapidly and dramatically. I’ve no reason to continue the program.

    • Kate, would you say that you have been suppressing your emotions for a long time? When we get in touch with our body (which tapping does) and we start being honest with ourselves about the feelings we really have (which tapping does), the intensity of our AWARENESS of the feelings we have can increase. We can realize that instead of being anxious at a 10, we’re actually anxious at a 2000.

      This is normal, and it is also a signal that you could use professional support. If you are doing tapping without any support, and yet are dealing with emotional intensity at a level that is not comfortable for you to work with on your own, getting the skilled support of a professional is necessary.

      By its nature, emotional distress is a cry for help. At minimum using Inner Tapping in combination with the basics can help the frozen inner child in us feel supported like she never was. https://www.thrivingnow.com/innertapping

      • KateGladstone says:

        I’ve even *trying* to suppress my emotions since he first time I was punished (as a very small child) for inability to do so. However, “trying” is not success: I’ve never (in 49 years!) manaaged to _actually_ suppress an emotion to any degree (or even to come close to managing that).

        My experiences with psychological rofessionals (over 40+ years) haven’t been such as to let me regard them as safe (let alone effective) people to be around.

        • I will certainly hold a Good Thought for you, Kate. I can say from personal experience that when we tune into our body and our emotions and do tapping, it is very common for the emotional intensity to increase as we stay with the emotion and let it process. That said, I also believe that small steps – baby steps – can be best when the emotional intensity is too much to handle. Just gently tapping and breathing can start building resilience in our system.

          Also, my idea of suppression is a bit different. For me, “trying” creates a dynamic within me where the energy “tries” to go somewhere, perhaps my gut, perhaps my low back. Tapping “frees up” those emotional energies. Perhaps not suppressed, in the sense of “not felt.” Rather energies/emotions we are “trying” not to feel. Not sure that helps. I do empathize with how difficult it can be to find safe and loving spaces/people to heal with. -Rick

          • KateGladstone says:

            With all your advice, it is still not working for me … Even as “baby steps” …

            • Hi Kate! Would you be willing to share what you mean by “not working for me”? It’s been two years since you posted that previous comment. When things get intense, are you able to bring yourself ANY relief… like down from a 9 to a 7?

              • KateGladstone says:

                No. Either it stays the same, or it gets worse (like going from a 9 to a 10, 12, or … ?!)
                The more I used the techniques, the worse it got — and it STAYED “worse” when U stopped using the techniques because it had gotten worse. What’s next?

                • Yes, that can happen. If your intuition is to stop tapping, then stop tapping. In my personal experience within my own body, when something goes from an 8 to a 12, it was really more like an 8000 to begin with, something I’d “frozen away” and disassociated from.

                  In such cases, I’ve turned to a tapping buddy or professional to help. Like carrying a large sofa down the stairs, there are things that our body-mind just “knows” we ought not tackle by ourselves.

                  I’d be happy to work with you professionally if that feels like it would be helpful to you. (I also offer gliding scale sessions as appropriate for folks.) https://www.thrivingnow.com/rick/

  • To save the PDF on a Mac, it is control-click, not option-click

  • I have panic, anxiety, fears of all types, sleeplessness. I see a Psychologist weekly. I use music to sleep by. My Dr. uses tapping for me. Also, MDR, I think, a a light exercise. I saw this article in Shape Magazine. Now I have connection with your site. I am excited to have this availability at all times. THANKS!

  • I did the deep sleep techniques and I only woke one time in 6 hour time frame. Thanks! I would like to know the deep breathing techniques as well. J

  • Debbie Radowicz says:

    I am looking forward to receiving the Improving your Eyesight with EFT book. I have these annoying floaters in my eyes, especially the left eye, which impede my vision. I have tried to improvise my own tapping session for this and perhaps in time the floaters may reduce but I came across this book written by Carol Look and am looking forward to trying it out.

  • Aileen Kimel says:

    On ‘THE DOCTORS SHOW’ today, they had a therapist who did tapping as part of a rehab for a recovering alcoholic. She said that the tapping worked to help her through her many issues. I feel that it cannot hurt, so (I want to stick to it) I can get up every morning, and sit in my comfy chair and practice tapping and see how it works. I am looking forward to trying something new. Thank you all!!!

  • Carrie Houseman says:

    Yes, Tammy. The bible does not specifically mention EFT or tapping, nor does it mention aspirin. Also keep in mind that God is love. There are religious institutions that emphasize self condemnation, but Jesus’s teachings were all about forgiveness and acceptance. EFT can help you in accepting the forgiveness offered to you from Christ, a challenge faced by many Christians.

  • Great to offer free Tapping! thanks

  • Deborah Bergeron says:

    I’m interested in trying this new approach

    • Hi Deborah! Glad to have you with us. The free guide will help. If you have questions, we invite you to visit us at our Thriving Now Community Center… https://www.thrivingnow.center/

      It’s free to join and participate, and get your questions answered. All are welcome!

  • I would like to thank you for being big hearted and kind. It’s so rare to find free information and such a degree of wisdom on the internet. Love to you all Arlene

    • Thank you for your kind words, Arlene! Love to you and all who you hold dear ~Rick

  • Thank you sincerely for your generous free gift. My biggest hurdle with EFT has always been the script; and I am, unfortunately, a procrastinator. My next step is to TAP on procrastination!. I do appreciate your assistance with your free gift. Hv a wonderful day 🙂

    • Thanks Helena! Procrastination is often about not feeling safe about what you want to do… even if that doesn’t make sense… or rebellion: I refuse! Tapping can help for sure. Email me any specifics if you’d like… rick@thrivingnow.com

  • Caron Harris says:

    Thanks for sharing this new e-book with us. I enjoyed reading it, and will use some of the scripts within it as jumping-off points for my own tapping.
    I have a couple points that you might like to address since others may have the same questions. The first: why do you choose to start at the top of the head (instead of at the eyebrow)? And the second: the under nose point, is it located in the center of the philtrum or up close to the nostrils? (I was abruptly corrected at a seminar once on this one, and would like to spare others that experience.)
    Again, thank you, reading through this was very worthwhile, even for a long-time tapper like me.

    • Yay! So glad it was useful for you!

      When EFT Tapping was being refined, people were playing around with different points, sequences, and starting points. The good news is that EFT turns out “not to care” very much. I start at the top of the head and return there because it feels like a “circuit” to me. Carol Look and others start at the eyebrow and return to the top of the head.

      I’ve been known to skip points, start at the collarbone, anywhere.

      The Under the Nose point is also known as GV26 “At the junction of the upper and middle third of the philtrum” meaning “center of upper lip.” GV25 is above that. Of course, there are some sources that describe the points differently. There are, in my perspective, 3 points that we “bring comfort tapping” to when we tap the under the nose point, all along the governing vessel.

      And… gotta say… you don’t need to know this and EFT Tapping while it stimulates and comforts these points is not, in my experience, designed and performed the way an acupuncturist or acupressure specialist would approach a specific condition. We’re using focusing and speaking and touching different core energy centers and meridians in order to get the shifts we experience.

      Thanks for asking!

  • Leah Moon says:

    Wonderful open-ended update from old format and refreshing (years ago). I am excited for the new, more flexible approach and larger perspective and adjustability.

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