Trust allows us to open, relax, and feel comfortable connecting. Trust flourishes in an environment of safety, respect, and freedom.

Alas, many of us were not raised in such an environment… or have been hurt and betrayed as adults. That can make trust a real challenge… until we heal those traumas.

If we don't have some trust in our lives, vigilance and stress are going to deplete our energy. And over time, constant stress makes us feel overwhelmed and frazzled.

Even for those of us who feel very loved and safe, the experience of trusting and opening is an ever-evolving process.

For those of us with painful experiences still haunting our systems, the idea of trusting ANYONE or anything feels ridiculous.

When we don't trust, we believe we must plan for every possible disaster. We're not saying that planning is a bad thing, but hoarding everything from antique cookie cutters to scraps of wrapping paper is a clue that your energy is out of balance. (For many people, clutter arises from a core distrust that there will EVER be enough. Clearing Clutter with EFT addresses this: )

Trying to protect yourself from everything and every possible hurt is impossible. But a lot of people try it. That's why fear-based marketing works so well. People will buy what they think will keep them safe.

The tapping approach we use focuses on emotional resiliency… so that when painful experiences come (as they do), you feel empowered and strong anyway.

Isn’t It Stupid to Trust?

When we become more trusting, we actually become smarter! We can better feel into a situation and know more clearly what (and who) is safe… and what isn’t.

Our brain shifts out of fear mode. Our intuition becomes more powerful. Our heart feels more open to loving safe people, while at the same time more protected from unsafe energies.

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I don't trust much, I'd like to start trusting more and feeling more relaxed.

Even though it's hard to trust, and I have a lot of reasons not to, I deeply and completely accept all of my feelings.

Even though I'm not sure I can trust, I'm open to seeing the safe and pleasing things the universe sends my way, and maybe re-evaluating my decision not to trust anything.

Top of the Head: How can I trust?!
Eyebrow: It isn't safe!
Side of the Eye: I have to be on guard…
Under the Eye: Or I'll get hurt…
Under the Nose: Or tricked.
Chin: Bad things will happen if I relax… won’t they?
Collarbone: How can I rely on anyone…?
Under the Arm: Or anything?

Top of the Head: I guess I trust there will be air to breathe most of the time.
Eyebrow: And there is usually water to drink.
Side of the Eye: The sun rises MOST mornings…
Under the Eye: And it sets ALMOST every evening.
Under the Nose: My heart has been beating ALMOST my entire life.
Chin: What if I could trust my heart to do its best?
Collarbone: What if I could trust myself to be okay…
Under the Arm: Even if something bad happened?

Top of the Head: I used to be overwhelmed…
Eyebrow: And really scared.
Side of the Eye: And there ARE a lot of things I can't control.
Under the Eye: But I am getting stronger…
Under the Nose: And I'm learning new ways to take care of myself.
Chin: I don't need to be vigilant all night to make the sun rise in the morning…
Collarbone: Or to make my heart beat.
Under the Arm: Maybe I can turn those things (and more!) over to the universe to take care of…
Top of the Head: And allow more trust to flow into my life.

Take a deep slow breath.

How do you feel now after the tapping? Does your body feel a bit more relaxed? Did some SPECIFIC fear come up? We love helping our clients to trust themselves because that’s where Personal Power is reclaimed.

Learning to trust again, or to trust more deeply, is a journey. So take note… What stands in your way right now of relaxing into life?

Is there anyone or anything that you trust right now? Do you trust your pet to ask treats whenever they can? Will gravity work even if you aren't paying attention? Tap on the things you do feel comfortable with… and let your list grow!

Trust (#6) 1

If you feel overwhelmed and feel like you just have to do it all, the tapping program From Overwhelm to Clarity can help you feel more grounded, calm, and trusting:

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