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Knee-Jerk Reaction!
Do you ever have a knee-jerk REACTION that you really want to change?   If YES, well, you're human. 😉 And[...]
Rick Wilkes – Gliding Scale Private Coaching & EFT Tapping Support
Gliding scale sessions for All. Rick Wilkes is an EFT Tapping Expert who coaches people of all ages and lifestyle orientations to transform their emotional world so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence. He's a leader in the development of simple and profoundly effective emotional technologies like EFT Tapping that release emotional and physical pain. He loves helping clients in over 77 countries by phone, Skype, and internet to feel the clarity of their own inner guidance.
Disappointment ~ The Let Down
"I feel so let down!""You let me down!""I let myself down, and feel cruddy and like a failure." It's true. The raw natural feeling we get in our body when disappointment is triggered is... The Let Down. Let's explore this...
Disappointment ~ It’s a Signal
Quick Reminder: Our replay of our session on Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings is available. Watch it here and read[...]
Event: Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings
Free coaching recording... Do you fear disappointment? So many of us run from that feeling. It makes us feel powerless[...]
2018 Circle Sessions
2018 Circle Session Recordings
Consent Savvy: It Hurts When They Say NO…
“If they say NO, they are rejecting me.” Does this feel true for you? If it does, I wouldn’t be[...]