What are success and abundance without celebration?

It feels wonderful to celebrate. To receive congratulations. To be proud and happy with what we've accomplished.

But if there are any hidden blocks, you may rush through the after-party. Or you may not allow yourself to really appreciate what you have already. In some cases, it may feel safer not to succeed at all!

Do you feel comfortable feeling really good? Celebrating? Sharing your successes with others?

Some of us learned early on that showing joy was dangerous. What we treasured would be taken away…, or someone would shut us down with harsh words:

You are getting way too big for your britches!

Shhh! Don't make others feel bad!

You may be laughing now, but you'll be crying tomorrow!

The higher you fly… the further you fall.

After joy… sorrow.

(Tap tap tap tap tap!)

Harsh words can be traumatic. As can crashing from joy to despair. If you felt happy and connected with an accomplishment… and something bad happened… you may not feel safe celebrating even decades later.

Celebrating is like having bubbles in your life. Without celebration, life becomes flat (and never tickles your joy).

What happened to your bubbles?

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I'm afraid to celebrate too much… and I have my reasons… I’m open to feeling safe and enjoying my bubbles.

Even though I'm afraid someone will take it away if they know I really like it… and that was true back then… I choose to feel comfortable celebrating now.

Even though I'm afraid of crashing after I celebrate, I choose to feel surprisingly good right here, right now.

Top of the Head: But it isn't safe! Is it?
Eyebrow: Someone will get mad.
Side of the Eye: They'll be jealous.
Under the Eye: Or resentful!
Under the Nose: And they always take it out on me.
Chin: They might try to take it away.
Collarbone: It's better to be quiet and not enjoy myself too much.
Under the Arm: Even though that's so sad… and definitely not much fun!

Top of the Head: It isn't safe to celebrate.
Eyebrow: Or is it?
Side of the Eye: I would like to revel in my competence.
Under the Eye: Enjoy good feelings.
Under the Nose: I bet it's safer than it used to be.
Chin: Part of me still feels nervous.
Collarbone: And that’s okay.
Under the Arm: I’m in the process of feeling safer when I celebrate.

Top of the Head: I am stronger now.
Eyebrow: And I have better boundaries.
Side of the Eye: Would it be okay to celebrate a little?
Under the Eye: It's such a good feeling.
Under the Nose: And it sends wonderful vibrations to the universe.
Chin: It wasn't really safe to rejoice back then…
Collarbone: But my life is so much better now.
Under the Arm: I do have a lot I could celebrate…
Top of the Head: And I've decided to start right now!

Take a slow, deep breath.

Celebration (#5) 1

How safe does it feel to celebrate now? Did you notice a shift in the tension in your body?

Is there anything you fear would happen if you celebrated?

Does it feel safe to tune into one thing you're proud of? If that feels frightening, remind yourself that you can always keep tapping! One way to loosen up is to find a private, safe place and tap while you celebrate. (Just tap around the different points as you talk, cheer, and shout).

If specific rules, beliefs, and memories are getting in your way, try some Inner Tapping. See our free tutorial here:

And if you have old traumas you're ready to shift, our Childhood Trauma Relief Course can get you off on the right foot. For more information:

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