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Thriving Now is devoted to Emotional Freedom for All. Check out our Free Gifts below. We're continuing to develop courses and real skills workshops supported by donations from our community and circle memberships.

Please know you can Get Personal Help Now and also email me at Rick@Thrivingnow.com.

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Where Are You Right NOW?

Is PAIN getting in your way? Whether it's emotional distress, physical pain, fear & anxiety, worry, past trauma, active disease, stress, overwhelm... or a painful combination! Get Relief Now

Is it something else you want HELP with? Many things can get in the way of our Thriving. Are things feeling too chaotic and uncertain? Is past trauma blocking your well-being? Are you ready for a change but feel stuck? Are you facing complex decisions and really need your own clarity? Are you wanting to grow? Are you wanting more healthy love? Get Personal Help Now

Free Gifts for You

EFT Tapping Manual

Pain Relief (Physical and Emotional)

7 EFT Tapping Scripts To Help You Live An Abundant and Thriving Life

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