by Carol Look, EFT Master and Creator of The Yes Code

Watch yourself in a mirror when you tap. This will help you in several areas.

a) This extra boost will encourage you to internalize the positive affirmation of the setup statement more fully (I deeply and completely love and accept myself).

b) It will help you when you need to use visualization instead of regular tapping. This is useful if you are in a public place and can’t physically tap. You will now have a picture and corresponding memory of what you look like when you tap. You can use that mental image to connect more fully as you imagine tapping on yourself.

c) This technique will allow you to see the subtle changes that occur in muscle tone, color, and energy in your face and body as you tap. You can make use of these clues to dig deeper.

It may feel strange to do this at first. Some of us have avoided looking at ourselves in the mirror because of self-judgments. Try tapping on this as you watch yourself in the mirror and see what comes up. Tap on the Side of Hand (Karate Chop) point and say “Even though this feels uncomfortable, and what if I don’t like what I see, I am open to connecting to myself and healing”. Then tap through:

Eyebrow: “I don’t really like looking in the mirror.”
Side of the Eye“It doesn’t feel comfortable.”
Under the Eye: “I do want to heal.”
Under the Nose: “What if this helps me?”
Chin: “I’d like to feel closer to myself.”
Collarbone: “Everybody likes being seen sometimes.”
Under the Arm: “I am open to the information and connection I’ll gain.”
Top of the Head: “I am open to being comfortable seeing myself.”

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