Abundance is an Emotional Experience

Abundance is an emotional experience… a feeling we either have… or don’t.

Lots of money by itself doesn’t make you abundant (despite all the focus on financial abundance rather than rich emotional experiences).

Imagine that you had piles of money... millions of dollars in bills, gold and silver coins, stacks of treasury bonds. More money than you could dream about. Everywhere you looked, there was more.

But if you couldn't trade it for what you wanted, all the power and potential joy would be missing.

Imagine you are on a deserted island. Alone.

You have piles of money in every denomination. What good does it do you? Without interaction and value to trade it for, money becomes pieces of paper and bits of metal. Worthless and valueless.

Well, ok, the paper might help start a fire.

You’d probably trade all those piles of money just for someone to talk to. So, is it the money you crave… or the love connection?

Before you start Tapping for Abundance, it is essential to get clear about what it is that you actually want. If you’ve thought it was money, go deeper. Discover for yourself what emotional benefits you crave.

We’re not discounting the usefulness of money. It is okay to desire it, work for it, and enjoy it. Just keep your focus on the fact that it is not money you want... it’s how you will feel, laugh, play, and explore with that money.

Knowing this can give us balance and power in our lives… and make Abundance something you can experience NOW… not just when you “get enough money.”

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  • Sandra Stanbury says:

    Your seven scripts were really useful .I was surprised when certain scripts caused surprising emotional responses .I chose to complete all the scripts one after each other and stayed with them even if I was not sure I needed each script . It was a good choice for me ..Lots of release and emotions flowed .

    • I’m so happy for you that you followed your intuition and stayed with them until your body-mind made the useful connections to bring release and unwinding. Appreciate you letting us know!

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