by Carol Look, EFT Master and creator of The Yes Code

When tapping on yourself, try switching hands. Use your non-dominant hand for a full day, then switch back to your dominant hand the next, and back again the next day. You could also alternate the hand you use between one round of tapping and the next.

This allows you to more fully integrate the emotional material that you are working on. We usually favor one side, tending to be right-handed or left-handed. Making use of the “other” hand while tapping through emotional conflicts can help to more fully neutralize the issues.

For those of you who do telephone or Zoom sessions as either client or practitioner, switch the phone or headset from side to side regularly as well, so alternating ears are “hearing.”

Here is another variation…Cross Over Tapping: Cross your hands over each other when you tap—-so your right hand is tapping on your left side of your face and body, and your left hand is tapping on the right. You can do this one hand at a time, or tap with both at the same time.

Also, consider tapping while in different positions. Are you always sitting down while tapping? Try tapping standing up. Try lying down and tapping. Tap while you are rolled over on your side.

If it feels strange to change your habits, try this tapping round. Tap on the Side of the Hand (Karate Chop) point and say, “Even though this feels strange, I like my old habits, I am open to trying something new for a few rounds.” Then tap through the points.

Eyebrow: “This feels strange.”
Side of the Eye: “I’m not sure I want to do this!”
Under the Eye: “It would be great if it helped.”
Under the Nose: “I guess I can try it for a few minutes.”
Chin: “This all felt strange in the beginning.”
Collarbone: “I like helping my body process energy.”
Under the Arm: “Maybe this isn’t so strange.”
Top of the Head: “It’s ok to try new things!”

As you use the cross over tapping, notice if any new material surfaces. Our bodies are brilliant, and have stored so much information for us.

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