We appreciate that you are the kind of person who earnestly wants to reconnect with yourself and create a life full of health and abundance. We hope these tapping scripts have helped you feel the beginning of a shift in your body and in your subconscious limiting beliefs.

If these simple examples have brought you greater clarity and insights, wonderful. Remember, this is a journey. We can always love more deeply, laugh with more joy, and live more abundantly.

While EFT Tapping is a perfect self-help tool, It's also okay… even encouraged… to CIRCLE UP and TAP TOGETHER!

It’s Better Together 1

It's easy to rub your own belly... harder to rub your own back. Find Partners! The best practitioners in this field tap with others. We do!

Consider this… If you have negative life experiences that still feel emotionally painful years later, chances are they were traumatic back then because you felt… alone, unsupported, unprotected, unsafe.

If you find someone to be there with you now as you tap… to radiate supportive and compassionate love combined with professional-level skill and emotional strength… well, wouldn't that have made all the difference back then…?

It will make all the difference now, too.

Many talented people do this work. Worldwide. And tapping is just as effective over the phone or by video as in person… sometimes even more. You're not limited in finding support, no matter where you live.

Because it is indeed Better Together, we co-created an exceptional and affordable Group Coaching Program. Over the past fourteen years, we've mastered how to help you clear your blocks. The Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle is an environment where you can feel surprisingly safe and supported, regardless of your past.

We make it fast, easy, and cost-effective, too. In 2 minutes, you could be signing in and starting on your road to releasing pain and finding love, laughter, and expressing your authentic gifts! Is it time for you to take action?

We'd love to circle up with you.

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