Simple Warmth and Clarity Is What I Seek

I tend to get caught up in the rat race, trying to get ahead, feeling overwhelmed and confused. What I really seek is simple warmth and clarity. How do I refocus and slow down? -John

We all feel that way sometimes. It’s easy to push ourselves to get things done, thinking we’ll rest when we caught up. But we never seem to make it there. Minutes, hours, days, and years of our lives can slip by without us noticing the beauty, joy, and contentment in the NOW.

We can even convince ourselves we don’t have time to relax and be present. Who has time to tap?! That “to do” list isn’t completing itself!

It is in the quiet moments that we connect with what’s important in life… when we take the time to notice our heart beat… our breath… or to listen to the heart beat of someone we love. All the rushing is really our primitive brain trying to be safe and secure so it can SOMEDAY feel those quiet moments… and trying to help us feel we deserve the serenity and peace.

Why wait?

Simple Warmth and Clarity Is What I Seek 1

The times when we feel simple warmth and clarity can recharge our being and give us a fresh outlook and renewed desire. If you want to take a moment right now, you might try tapping like this:

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I feel confused and lost, I am open to allowing warmth and clarity into my life.

Even though there is so much going on, and it’s hard to tune into the simple things, I allow myself to notice that I’m taking care of myself right now by tapping. I invite warmth and focus to flow in.

Even though I am really overwhelmed, and I can’t quiet my mind, I accept myself right where I am, and I invite my mind to notice how safe I really am right now.

Top of the Head: I am overwhelmed.
Eyebrow: I feel lost and confused.
Side of the Eye: I’m trying to do too much at once…
Under the Eye: So I never really enjoy one thing.
Under the Nose: What if I gave myself permission to slow down?
Chin: What if I could say no to some things…
Collarbone: So I could really say YES to what’s important?
Under the Arm: Part of me is afraid, and running on adrenaline.

Top of the Head: But all I want is simple warmth and clarity.
Eyebrow: I want to feel safe.
Side of the Eye: I want peace.
Under the Eye: I allow myself to breathe right now.
Under the Nose: A single, slow deep breath. (stop and breathe)
Chin: I invite clarity.
Collarbone: I invite warmth.
Under the Arm: I invite peace.

Top of the Head: There is a lot going on.
Eyebrow: And that’s okay.
Side of the Eye: I choose to notice that I am safe.
Under the Eye: I let myself take the time to breathe.
Under the Nose: I notice that my heart beats all on it’s own.
Chin: I don’t have to make it happen.
Collarbone: I allow some of this responsibility to melt away.
Under the Arm: I allow calm quiet.
Top of the Head: I allow simple warmth and loving clarity.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how your body feels. Does it feel a bit more relaxed and calm? Or are there fearful thoughts and beliefs coming up? Where did you learn those fears? Who taught them to you?

We tend to have a knee jerk reaction to negative beliefs. We believe them without considering if they’re true or not.

As a culture, we tend to question positive statements more deeply (which is why a lot of marketers use fear tactics and negative statements). What if you questioned your negative beliefs the same way you examine the positive claims of a stranger?

You may be surprised. The negative beliefs may not even belong to you! They may have been passed down to you when you were very young. And they may be no more valid than the fears all those years ago in 1492 that the world was flat and Columbus would fall off the edge of the Earth, never to be seen again.

If you want help with your negative beliefs, our group coaching program is a great place to find support and caring detectives who will help you decide what is right for you.

Simple Warmth and Clarity Is What I Seek 2

We hope this helps! We also recommend for those who feel overwhelmed on a regular basis to devote just a few hours to listening and tapping along with From Overwhelm to Clarity. It can open up new doorways. You might find yourself with more time for simple warmth and clarity, or whatever it is you’re seeking.

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  • Wow.  This really hit home.  It helped put words to the feelings that were going on in me.  Thank you Cathy & Rick.

  • Universerequests says:

    Thanks! This was refreshing!

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