How many of you have been lost, confused, and not sure what to do next? Are you pushed around by advertisers, coworkers, family, and friends because you’re not sure what is right for YOU?

Many of us have heard about inner guidance, and would like to feel that calm, confident direction. We’re just not sure how!

One of the fundamental skills to having that confidence is tuning into our bodies. Many of us have been trained to think everything through. And most of us know how that can turn us in circles and tangle us in knots. When we are disconnected from our bodies, we miss out on much of the beauty and wonder in life… and a great deal of wisdom.

Learning the skill of inner guidance starts with practical examples and a few key concepts. And, we suggest that you use EFT Tapping to clear any blocks that keep you from trusting that your body has excellent guidance to offer. Listening to the bonus audio will give you a sample of how this feels.

If you’d like additional support in connecting with your inner guidance, raising your vibration, healing old wounds, and setting healthy boundaries… consider the Thriving Now Group Coaching Program. Our coaching calls are perfect for that… 

We also have a comprehensive self-paced coaching program called What To DO...When You Don't Know What To DO! Learn more at the link

What To DO... When You Don't Know What To DO!

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