Welcome to 7 EFT Tapping Scripts for an Abundant & Thriving Life NOW

Tapping and Abundance Go So Well Together

This is the third module in our Learn EFT Tapping course. Welcome!

We've designed 7 EFT Tapping Scripts for an Abundant & Thriving Life NOW to help you clear blocks to feeling abundant... and attracting more "juicy cherry experiences" into your life.

You can start with this module even if you are brand new to EFT Tapping. If you'd like more beginner guidance, you can start back with Module 1.

We hope you enjoy feeling more gratitude and abundance through these Tapping scripts. May they be useful for your Thriving!

Welcome to 7 EFT Tapping Scripts for an Abundant & Thriving Life NOW 1

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Thank You!

We appreciate that you are the kind of person who deeply wants to reconnect with yourself and create a life full of health and abundance. We hope this guide to tapping has helped you feel the beginning of a shift in your body and in your subconscious limiting beliefs.

If these simple examples bring you greater clarity and insights, wonderful. Remember, this is a journey. We can always love more deeply, laugh with more joy, live more abundantly.

We feel blessed to have connected with you… in some small way.

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Thank you for spending this time with us. 

Warmest Wishes for a Thriving Life,

Rick & Cathy

Rick Wilkes & Cathy Vartuli
Emotional Freedom Coaches
Thriving Now Team

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