Good Morning, God (Universe, Source, Divine)

by Cathy Vartuli

When you want to feel better about the life you have, setting intentions and being grateful for the good in your life is a powerful start. And tapping while you do that can intensify the good feelings.

You don’t have to be religious for this to work. You can change the word “God” to “Universe”, “Source”, “Divine”, or use no word at all.

My friend Karen and I did this every morning for a long time. If you have a tapping buddy or if you do it alone, it’s a wonderful way to start or end the day. Feel free to change the words to fit your situation!

(For positive tapping, you can skip the setup statement, though you are welcome to use one if you like).

Tap through the points, and see if you can connect to the feelings in your body:

Top of the Head: “Good Morning, God.”
Eyebrow: “Thank you for loving me all through the night.”
Side of the Eye: “Thank you for waking me this morning and letting me feel your presence.”
Under the Eye: “Would you show me in little ways, all through the day, how much you love me?”
Under the Nose: “Please help me to be open to joy and gratitude today.”
Chin: “Thank you for this body, God.”
Collarbone: “I am so grateful for its health and strength.”
Under the Arm: “My right leg <or whatever body part> is trying to tell me something.”

Top of the Head: “But I’m having trouble understanding.”
Eyebrow: “Could you give me insights into what would be most helpful for it?”
Side of the Eye: “I know you gave my body great intelligence.”
Under the Eye: “Please help me trust that and be open to it.”
Under the Nose: “Please help me to see the wonder in today.”
Chin: “I’d like to feel safe and playful today.”
Collarbone: “Thank you, God, for this wonderful world.”
Under the Arm: “Thank you, God, for this wonderful life.”
Top of the Head: “Good morning, God.”

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  • Arlanainsights says:

    Thank you for the good morning message. 🙂

  • Kellykelly3 says:

    Thank you!  This will help me transform my mind so I thank God first thing and throughout the day.  He is so wonderful and kind.

    • Indeed, Kelly! Appreciating the Creator is a great and wonderful way to start the day. Glad you liked the script. -Rick & Cathy

  • Ceinfocus says:

    is there a karate chop setup that goes with this? This is wonderful, thankyou 🙂

    • You don’t always need to use the karate chop setup. You are welcome to add one that inspired you, of course!

  • I love it. Thanks. I do one every morning like this: “God is who He says He is. God can do what He says He can do. I am who God says I am. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God’s word is alive and active in me. I’m believing God.” I got it from Beth Moore. I also have 6 statements of my own that I add to it. I say them while tapping.

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