Please note: we’ve purposely kept these scripts simple. Tapping can get more sophisticated as you practice.

There is a difference between being safe and feeling safe.

Our primitive brain can feel scared sitting on our couch or talking to a prospective customer… even if neither situation poses a threat.

We often learn these patterns very early… and get stuck acting them out over and over again. This chronic scared feeling is a major block to abundance.

Anytime you feel afraid, you’re tight and resistant... in your muscles… in your emotions… and your whole being.

It's hard to allow acceptance and love when you’re defensive and resistant. It may be hard to notice what's already in your life or the opportunities passing you by.

A lot of us have reasons to feel unsafe and afraid. We may have had early experiences that ingrained in us that the world is unsafe… that danger lurks around every corner.

Because of how the brain works, we internalize those "rules" and lessons and may carry them forward, even if we live in a very different environment today. If you want to learn more about how your brain stores trauma and how that affects your life experience, check out:

Tapping For Your Life

Tapping is a great way to recondition your mind and body to a new way of being. Allowing safety into your life will reduce stress on your body and bring more clarity. And tapping changes your vibration from lack and protection to well-being and openness… so you can feel safe to create more abundance in your life.

As you tap, make note of any specific memories or limiting beliefs that come up around safety. For example, you may remember being threatened by the school bully in 3rd grade. Or you may sense a fear that “bad things will happen" if you allow yourself to feel good.

Releasing the intensity around those specific blocks can open up new pathways and possibilities for you. (If you don’t know how to do this yourself yet, it’s our specialty, and we’d love to help!)

Feeling Safe (#1) 1

Let's Do Some Tapping for Feeling Safe!

As with any of these tapping scripts, take care of yourself. Stop if that is what’s best for you. Get help if you need it. If you find that you have a lot of emotions coming up during any of the tappings, you may find our grounding exercises helpful:

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I don't feel safe right now, I am open to relaxing at least a little bit.

Even though my muscles are tight, and I feel threatened, there is no immediate danger right here, right now.

Even though I have a habit of feeling scared and I learned this pattern long ago, I would love to enjoy a more relaxed state of being.

Top of the Head: I don't feel safe.
Eyebrow: I have to be vigilant.
Side of the Eye: That's how I am.
Under the Eye: Isn't that how I'm supposed to be?
Under the Nose: My body is pretty tired.
Chin: It's hard to focus on what I enjoy.
Collarbone: I just don't feel safe.
Under the Arm: That's how it is.

Top of the Head: But what if I could change just a bit?
Eyebrow: I'm afraid I can't let this go.
Side of the Eye: What if I could release 10% of my fear?
Under the Eye: Would I still be safe?
Under the Nose: What am I afraid of anyway?
Chin: I'm so used to the fear.
Collarbone: I needed it back then.
Under the Arm: Is it still useful now?

Top of the Head: What if I could change?
Eyebrow: I do have a lot more power now.
Side of the Eye: What if I could relax and enjoy my life?
Under the Eye: That would feel sweet!
Under the Nose: I am safer than I was back then.
Chin: I give my body and my mind permission to relax.
Collarbone: I'm open to noticing how safe I really am…
Under the Arm: And feeling surprisingly calm and confident.
Top of the Head: I allow myself to feel safe.

Take a deep slow breath. (Slow breathing sends a signal to your primitive brain that all is well. Quick shallow breaths can make that part of your brain think you’re under attack).

How did you feel as you said these statements?

It's okay if you felt an inner conflict as you said some of the statements, or if some parts felt like they weren’t completely true for you, yet.

Just write down what you noticed so you can use those insights for future tapping exercises. As you continue tapping, you may find yourself surprisingly delighted with the changes you manifest in your life!

Feeling Safe (#1) 2

If you want more help with your issues around safety and abundance, our Group Coaching Program is designed to help. The sense of belonging and community our team members experience are powerful ways to allow your primitive brain to shift and re-align.

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