Love nourishes us. Love fills our core with peace and warmth. Love is Abundant.

And yet… if we were raised in an environment where the natural flow of love was constrained… where attention and affection were limited and rare, we end up expecting a world where there isn’t much love. We close off the channels in our energy system that thrive on love energy. I mean, why keep your heart channels open if love is never going to come?

Love is learned (ideally) through early bonding with our mother and father. Yet, our parents may have been over-tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. They may have had their own unresolved traumas and active addictions. They were probably doing their best to cope with their own stuff while passing on what they had learned about life… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Even if our childhood was warm and affectionate, other negative experiences later in life may have left us stuck, closed off, and afraid.

Our brain looks for evidence that matches our beliefs... and filters out that which does not fit. Once we become conditioned to expect lack and loneliness, we tend to see that all around us.

Walking in the mall we’ll see all the lonely, discouraged, closed-off people… and miss the lovers holding hands and the happy friends completely!

We re-open the love channels by tapping and tuning into appreciation and connection. When we notice and appreciate something, we attract more of it. By noticing it and saying “Wow, how nice, that felt really good,” we send out rockets of desire to tell the universe that we want more.

And when we feel relaxed, loved, and cared about, it’s much easier to appreciate and connect with everything around us. The simple act of washing our hands can change from a task to be rushed through… to a beautiful connection between our body, the warm clean water, the fresh smelling soap, and the fluffy towels.

We become more abundant in every mindful moment like this. We are allowing love.

As we tap, notice what comes up for you. Does it feel safe to allow love in? If not, when did you learn that love hurts? Or does it hurt most when love goes away? What rules and beliefs do you have about love?

Feel free to change the words in the tapping script if other words feel more comfortable. Some people like asking God for help, others like “Source” or “Universe.” Use what feels right to you.

Side of the Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I feel shut down to love, and I don’t notice very much around me, I’m open to seeing more of it and feeling a bit more love in my life.

Even though that feels a bit scary… I’m not sure it’s safe to be loved… I really enjoy the feeling, and I’m open to allowing more love every day.

Even though I learned that there isn’t much love in the world for me… and that was true back then… what if I could see that I’m in a different place right now… and attract an abundance of love and warmth for me?

Top of the Head: I don’t allow love.
Eyebrow: At least not as deeply as I’d like.
Side of the Eye: That’s the way it’s been.
Under the Eye: I thought that was how it was supposed to be.
Under the Nose: What if that’s not true?
Chin: What if there’s a whole universe of love…
Collarbone: And I just have to tune in?
Under the Arm: I really do want to know I’m loved and lovable.

Top of the Head: I ask the Universe to help me with this.
Eyebrow: God, please show me…
Side of the Eye: In lots of little ways that I can easily notice…
Under the Eye: That you love me.
Under the Nose: Can you help me connect?
Chin: And let go of this fear?
Collarbone: I want to feel loved and safe.
Under the Arm: I could really use some help allowing love into my heart.

Top of the Head: Maybe this isn’t as frightening as I thought.
Eyebrow: I can just allow love.
Side of the Eye: All I need to do is accept it.
Under the Eye: And enjoy it.
Under the Nose: A thank you might be nice.
Chin: I can just relax and allow love to flow to me.
Collarbone: Source loves me and wants the best for me.
Under the Arm: I am loved.
Top of the Head: And it feels sooooooo good!

Take a slow, deep breath.

What do you notice? Remember, any reaction is okay. Your thoughts and feelings (even of inadequacy) can direct you towards what’s still blocking you from feeling wonderful!

Can you think of little ways that the Universe can show you that you’re loved?

What if the traffic light changed to green as you approached it? Or a great parking space opened up? Or a friendly stranger smiles at you as you walk by?

Could that be God smiling through them… to YOU?

Allowing Love (#7) 1

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