​​​​From Overwhelm to Clarity

Overwhelm keeps us from knowing how to direct our energy in pleasing, loving, and effective ways. In this audio coaching and energy tapping (EFT) program, Carol Look and Rick Wilkes help you shift easily from chronic overwhelm to CLARITY.

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Are you exhausted by distressing and anxiety-ridden feelings… that leave you with no clear direction?

Does your business day grip you with one crisis after another… while you secretly dream that SOMEDAY your work might flow easily and naturally… and you could happily return home ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and a strong connection with those you most love?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed because a project is due, would you like to feel surprisingly calm… moving confidently from one step to the next?

At the next party or family event, what if you were able to laugh and participate fully… rather than worrying about what else you should be doing?

OverwhelmedDo you often find yourself becoming edgy and frustrated by your children, co-workers, or friends who want your time and attention… because you already feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate?

Overwhelm gets in the way of a thriving life

Instead of feeling frazzled and disorientated, and taking twice as long to do your work, what if you could stop the race you never seem to win… and confidently make good choices and while having enough time and energy to focus on your true priorities?

If you’re ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and move into clarity and calm confidence, this is the program for you.

It’s so easy to get stuck on that hamster wheel… running and rushing and getting nowhere. It wears you out, stresses you out, and you never get to the reward you’re reaching for. It’s OVERWHELMING!

Overwhelm and stress cause illness, marital discord, parenting issues, and reduce the quality of your life. You wouldn’t think twice about going to the doctors for an infection that needed help. When overwhelm is infecting your life, why not take action to cure the thought patterns and beliefs that are causing the symptoms?

Seem too big and, well… overwhelming?!

Yes, it can be. Trying to change feelings of overwhelm alone is tough. Many of the causes are hidden in our subconscious. We often formed “habits of overwhelm” when we were unsupported and unprotected. But with help and guidance from those experienced at uncovering the secret causes of these patterns, you can clear the beliefs and blocks faster and easier and start seeing results right away! Rick and Carol will guide you through this process and help you unwind and transform so you can see changes and successes as you go.

Some of the changes may be subtle at first:

  • a surprising sense of calm in circumstances that used to make you edgy
  • knowing where your keys are and not feeling like an idiot for losing them for the fifth time this week
  • responding with grace when your kid asks for help or your mate can’t find socks that match again
  • relaxed enjoyment as you stroll to your car
  • choosing a healthy, tasty lunch instead of whatever fast food you can quickly chow down
  • a ready smile for your boss when you go into work
  • an easy laugh when a friend tells a joke

Overwhelmed No More!Those changes add up, and you will soon find yourself with extra energy and enthusiasm at the end of the day. New experiences become fun rather than terrifying and tiring. Self-confidence and well-being grow. And your life becomes what you were reaching for all the time you were struggling to move faster and do more.

Taking 5 hours now to heal this pattern is more efficient (and much more fun!) than the couple hours you could spend at the doctor’s office for stress-related illness, not to mention all those mornings hunting for your wallet, your keys… your mind. It’s an investment that will pay off over and over throughout your life.

Carol Look & Rick Wilkes

In this program, From Overwhelm to Clarity, EFT and emotional freedom experts Rick Wilkes and Carol Look teach you new skills and techniques to change overwhelm into clarity and calm. As you tap along, you will uncover your inner causes and learn your subconscious reasons for “needing” overwhelm. You will retrain your body and mind to reach for better solutions and your life will be more fun and easy!

Invest this time in yourself and reap the reward of a life with more energy, delight, and connection! Purchase From Overwhelm To Clarity today!

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