What To DO...
When You Don't Know What to DO!

“Do the right thing... Make the smart choice...
Think it through... Use your head!!!” 

Oh, and be sure to obey your mother, don’t piss off your father, do what the teacher says, follow all the rules, don’t sin, be careful, do what you’re told, don’t be stupid, pay attention, trust the experts, learn from your mistakes (so you never ever make a mistake again!), and whatever you do… DO NOT GET IN TROUBLE!

No wonder people freeze when faced with important decisions. No wonder they waffle, change their mind, and doubt doubt doubt themselves.

I certainly did! Trying to reconcile all these conflicting imperatives in my head left me worrying all night long. The inner conflict twisted my guts, depleted my self-confidence, and stifled my creativity.

Have you ever felt conflicted about a decision like that?


I Needed A New Way Of Deciding…

I admit that by the time I was 29 my thoughts felt as “clear and fresh” as a smoggy, coal-smoke-choked morning in Beijing, China. My inner ecosystem was… polluted.

It was time to become… an environmentalist of my inner world.

Quiet down. Clean up. Stop the pollution. Become sustainably and wisely guided through deep sensing.

This lead me to new ways of deciding. Rather than putting all my perfectionism behind trying to avoid trouble and pain… I learned to feel for my YES. With help from teachers who invited rather than dictated, I discovered that it’s possible to Discern what are the YES Steps in any situation… even the ones that look impossibly ugly on the surface.

Cathy and I have shared aspects of these approaches with the Thriving Now Community many times over the past 15 years… because these approaches are THAT important! They are absolutely essential to a thriving life.

It’s time to revisit and re-invigorate these core approaches to inner guidance again in light of all the Uncertainty, Chaos, and Emotional Pollution we’re coping with in the world right now.

Indeed, we want you and all our friends and community members to feel self-empowered and guided and to know… What To Do… When You Don’t Know What To DO!

We have 3 one-hour tapping and coaching sessions and 4 tapping videos in this program... all ready to help both beginners and skilled intuitives to quiet the noise, tune into each of the wisdom centers in the body, and restore confidence to take a YES Step that is doable for YOU, right here, right now.  

What To DO... When You Don't Know What To DO!

If you’re ready to activate your emotional freedom and make clear choices by tapping into all your deeply personal sources of Wisdom and Guidance, join us now!

Purchase What To DO… When You Don’t Know What To DO! and get lifetime access to the recordings and videos. Just $47 with a gliding scale available, too.

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All of our programs have 60 day money back guarantees, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

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Purchase What to DO... When You Don't Know What to DO! and get lifetime access to the recordings and videos. You get 3 audio coaching sessions and 3 videos to help you get clear and take inspired action.
Just $47 (gliding scale available).

You can also choose to join our Emotional Freedom Circle and get access to this program as part of the circle membership. (You can easily cancel anytime, and this program also has a 60-day money back guarantee. The circle is available on a gliding scale, too!)

If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll join us. We want to live in a world of clear, focused, and resilient people who can take inspired action towards living their thriving life, and we’d love you to be part of co-creating this.

What To DO… When You Don’t Know What To DO! 2

Warm Wishes,
Rick and Cathy

P.S. If you’ve struggled making decisions in the past, or feel confused by all the SHOULDs and HAVE-TOs that seem to be. part of every situation, we really highly recommend you do this program... and please know we're here to support you. Our inbox is open! Get What to Do... When You Don't Know What To DO! Here

  • Appreciating our circle members who will be participating in this exploration. I’ve noticed in my life that those who have a strong sense of their inner guidance really help to co-create extraordinary life experiences — even when they say NO! YES Steps are ways we go from yes to Yes to YES!! And they are grounded by a deep sense of what is “not a YES” (which includes things that are Hell NO! 😉 ) We invite you to deeply consider joining us.

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