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[00:00:00] What's next? I know that relief is something that is an ongoing need for every human, so I wanted to go over just a few things. First, was this useful to you? And if it was, please take a moment to offer some appreciation to the Thriving Now community who donated money. To support this effort. They literally kept food on my family's table while I was working on this.

[00:00:33] And if you leave an appreciative comment, let them know specifically like, how did this matter for you? I'll pass that on to them. Thank you. Also, consider making a donation yourself. I want this model of where the community donates and supports. It's like crowdfunding. But done on a very personal level here within the Thriving Now community to support the development of programs like this.

[00:01:03] Uh, normally a two hour video program like this would be for us on a sliding scale of let's say 37 down to 11. And truly, $2 makes a difference. So there's a, a link there for you to use if that's a yes for you. If not, you can always share this by social media and let other people know. Appreciate that.

[00:01:26] Second, practicing the three simple keys. You know it's at your fingertips. Remember that you can tap wherever you are. Take a break and tap. Tap on what's building up in your system and tap when you're making a transition and tap for the emotional charge that you find somewhere in your body. Which brings us to being with, uh, and in our body.

[00:01:55] As you start to do that, and having worked with people who, let's say they have really chronic, painful mystery diseases, things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other things like that, what they notice is that by being with and in their body, Their body whispers instead of screams. And I bet for all of us, we could use some more whispering of, Hey, how about we do this rather than screaming in pain?

[00:02:25] So practicing that being with your body and in your body and together is better. I've given you some ways of starting to cultivate trust and a sense a felt sense of your connection and the care and support that is in the air, in the earth, and radiating from people that want you to be thriving. Now, truly we do.

[00:02:59] Third, I'd like you to consider joining our group. I am aware that it's not right for everyone. Sometimes people are at a place where they really just need to do it on their own, but there's that balance, which we talked about in step three that. If you feel like you have to do it alone, it's really important for you to start cultivating a circle of support.

[00:03:26] And we're here, we've been doing this for 14 years. There's a, an intimate group of people. There's plenty of calls across many different time zones, and we even include. Over $400 worth of coaching programs for things like insomnia and pain and, and, and many other things too that are a part of that. I'd like you to take a look, see if it's right for you.

[00:03:52] Your first month is free, and if you're in a place where even that's not possible, we have a two month gift membership that is also supported by our community through their donations and mine. So there's also additional articles for relief. Now we've got so many resources available to you, and I don't want you to be overwhelmed.

[00:04:15] The, the three simple keys are where you would focus and cultivating that sense of connection. And there's additional things for tho if you're like me, you like having something that you can come back to that's a little fresh that. Brings a different perspective. So there's some really cool stuff there.

[00:04:34] And there's some other coaching options too, and coaching programs. So, and, and those are listed as well. I wish you all the relief possible and my inbox is open, Rick, at. Thriving now.com. Please feel free to email me questions, celebrations, and your own wisdom as it rises in you. Thanks so much for being with us, and bye for now.


First, If You Found This Helpful... Please Give Thanks to the Community

Was this useful for you? If so, please take a moment to offer appreciation to those in the Thriving Now Community who donated money and made this possible! They kept food on my family's table while I was working on this. You can show your support:

Donations Appreciated!


Second, Practice the 3 Simple Keys

Keep them at your fingertips. Let them bring you Relief Now... and so much more. Here are the links to them again:

  1. It's at Our Fingertips...
  2. Be WITH+IN Our Body… It’s a “Love Relationship”
  3. Together is Better…
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Third, Consider Joining Our Emotional Freedom Circle

For over 14 years we've had group sessions many times per month. There's an extensive library of coaching and tapping sessions. And so much more. It's on an affordable gliding scale, too.

Most of all, our circle is an opportunity to do this Together. People like us do this, we connect, we tap, we all grow and find relief. 

We invite you, enthusiastically, to learn more and join us!

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Additional Articles for Relief NOW

More Coaching Options for Relief NOW...

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