June 14, 2023 by Thriving Now

Frustrated? Use EFT Tapping!

Frustrated? We All Feel Frustration Sometimes!

Here's how to use EFT Tapping When You're Frustrated

1. Be as specific as possible.

How would you describe your frustration? Who or what caused it? And where is it located in your body? Is it a pain in your neck? A tension in your stomach? A tense jaw?

We’re going to use a common frustration of being stuck in traffic on the way to work, and we’ll assume that you’re feeling it in your stomach.

Feel free to change the words to fit your circumstances.

2. Notice how intense the feeling is and rate it from 0 to 10, with 10 being incredibly frustrating and 0 being no longer frustrating at all.

3. Tap continuously on the Karate Chop point and emphatically say three times, “Even though I feel really frustrated in my stomach because I’m stuck in traffic, I choose to feel surprisingly calm and confident anyway!

4. Go through the points, tapping on each while you repeat a reminder phrase. You can keep the phrase exactly the same, or modify it a bit on each point, whichever feels comfortable to you.

Top of the Head: This horrible traffic frustration in my stomach!
Eyebrow: I’m going to be late.
Side of the Eye: Why can’t they drive faster?
Under the Eye: Why do they all have to be on the road now?
Under the Nose: I feel this in my stomach.
Chin: I hate being late.
Collarbone: I hate being stuck!!!
Under the Arm: This frustration in my stomach.
Top of the Head: This traffic and all that it means to me…

5. Take a deep breath.

6. Notice how intense the frustration is now and rate it from 0 to 10.

Sometimes the frustration shifts quickly, and one round is all you need. And many times, because you’ve been frustrated more than a few times in your life, it will take more rounds. There is nothing wrong with either outcome.

If you still have intensity, you may want to repeat the same tapping sequence, substituting “remaining frustration in my stomach.”

You may find that the emotion has changed or shifted in your body. 

Where do you feel now? What does it feel like?

Something specific might come up around the frustration, or you might feel angry at your boss for making you be there at a specific time. Again, this is normal. You can tap on the new emotion, issue, or feeling in your body.

Sometimes it helps to say the words very intensely. If you’re in a safe place, you can even shout them. Say what you’re feeling as you tap. The intensity may go up briefly as you tune into the emotions, but as you continue tapping, you will find relief… perhaps even permanently.

Please Note: We are not suggesting that you tap while the car is moving. We know some people do, but always make sure you are safe. If tapping will distract you from driving, wait until later or pull over to the side of the road and tap.

Again, notice that you’re doing something good for yourself. Some people drive to work in a frustrated state every day, repeatedly adding to the stress stored in their body. By tapping, you are teaching your body to release stress and frustration and letting it use the energy for healing and playing!

Our Relief NOW Program is also a tremendous help for frustration using EFT Tapping and body sensations.

  • Frustration! I know from experience that by tapping on things that frustrated me and doing so consistently for several months, so many things that used to frustrate me intensely don’t frustrate me at all anymore!

    If that’s what you want for yourself, try this and then leave a comment here and let me know what you notice. ~Rick

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