2. Tap for Your Breathing and for Relief NOW

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2. Tap for Your Breathing and for Relief NOW

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ReliefNow-113-Tap for Your Breathing and for Relief NOW

[00:00:00] We'll take a breath.

[00:00:06] What do you notice?

[00:00:12] There's some questions that help us if we're going to be giving ourselves relief right here, right now, which we want. The first thing that you can check in with is like, how tense is my breath? Zero to 10, how much tension is there? Our breath responds to the things that has happened in our world in the last hour, in the last decade.

[00:00:44] Our breath responds to our fears and worries about the future. Our breath responds if we feel overwhelmed and strained. And how does it respond? Sadly, it doesn't get deeper and more relaxed on its own. It takes those signals of stress and it becomes more contracted. It actually rises up. We start using muscles in our neck in order to lift our upper ribs to breathe.

[00:01:15] Our breathing, instead of be becoming deeper and more confident, becomes more shallow and strained. Take another breath.

[00:01:29] And notice how much strain, how much tension is in your breath. Give it a number. That number doesn't have to be medically accurate. It's a guess based upon how you're feeling, how much tension is there. And what we do is we use EF f t tapping to tune into our breath and bring it some relief. I'm gonna show you how to do that.

[00:01:58] Now, as I do this tapping, I'm gonna make some assumptions. One, there's probably some anxiety in your breath. Two, there might be some overwhelm in your breath. Three might be some worry in your breath. And four, you might be afraid of something that's going on in the world or in your life, or in your body, okay?

[00:02:20] And so I'm gonna be mixing those up, but if one of those is. More prevalent for you. You can stick with that too, so if it's overwhelm, you can stick with that. We start on the side of the hand, even though I have some overwhelm and repeat after me as you tap on the side of the hand, even though I have some overwhelm.

[00:02:46] And I feel that in my breathing.

[00:02:51] I accept what I feel right here, right now, even though I'm worried and I feel that in my breathing, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I have some fears and I feel that in my breathing,

[00:03:22] I'm open to feeling a bit more calm and confident.

[00:03:29] Even though I'm worried who wouldn't be in my situation,

[00:03:37] I accept how I feel and I'm open to feeling more confident right now. Go to the top of the head. This overwhelm in my breath.

[00:03:54] Eyebrow, this fear in my breathing

[00:04:00] side of the eye. Definitely have anxiety in my breathing

[00:04:08] under the eye, this stress and worry in my breathing under the nose. This overwhelm in my breathing.

[00:04:21] This fear in my breathing

[00:04:26] hoone, I've been feeling so anxious lately

[00:04:35] under the arm, this fear and anxiety in my breathing

[00:04:42] up of the head, and I'm ready to release some of that tension.

[00:04:52] Take another breath

[00:04:57] and notice, how's it feeling? If it was an eight, where is it now? Now, there's no right or wrong answer to that. If it's staying about the same, stick with the tapping. If it's going up, it means you've been suppressing a lot of feelings. Keep tapping. If it's going down a little bit, do another round of tapping.

[00:05:25] I think it's great to do two or three rounds of tapping and especially attuned to our breathing because if you change your breath, you change your bloodstream. If you change the chemicals that are swirling around in your body, you change your mental outlook, you give yourself more clarity and more capacity and resilience, and it reduces your pain level physically as well.

[00:05:47] So much. Let's do another round of tapping. Even though I've had some pain and anxiety, I deeply and completely accept how I feel,

[00:06:04] even though I have had been, even though I've been worried. I accept myself anyway. Even though a part of me is overwhelmed, I'm open to feeling more calm and confident. Anyway, great. Top of the head. I've definitely been overwhelmed. Eyebrow, of course, I feel anxiety. Who wouldn't?

[00:06:42] Side of the eye. There's so much I could worry about, and right now I just wanna breathe

[00:06:53] under the eye. I'm letting go of the anxiety in my breathing

[00:07:01] under the nose. I invite my body to be more calm and confident.

[00:07:10] There are lots of things to be stressed about.

[00:07:16] Collarbone. What if that doesn't have to be reflected in my breathing?

[00:07:26] Wouldn't that be great?

[00:07:30] Under the arm, I'm letting go of more of the stress in my breathing

[00:07:40] top of the head, and I'm inviting my body to feel more grounded. And confident right here, right now with every breath,

[00:08:01] take a breath.

[00:08:05] And where is your breathing now? I, I can feel a shift in my breathing. There seems to be a bit more capacity. It feels like it goes down. Lower into the base of my lungs more. There's some unwinding happening in my throat. How about you if you're, if a part of your body wants just a little massage, now I sometimes rubbing your chest after doing some tapping stretch of your jaw, putting your feet on the floor, feeling that rubbing and massaging.

[00:08:44] Shaking out your hands.

[00:08:51] That's a simple tapping that reflects the things that happen to us as humans that we need relief from. Overwhelm, anxiety, fear, worry, and the trend is your friend. If you can take anxiety that's building anywhere in your body. That's magnifying the other pains that you have. If you change the trend from an eight to a seven to a six, you've changed the trend.

[00:09:24] It changes your whole energetic system. Your body starts to heal. You may notice yourself feeling a little bit more tired. You may notice yourself feel a bit more uplifted and solid. Either way, it's your body's intelligence coming forth with what you need right now. Thank you.

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