You Can Go Deeper By…

You Can Go Deeper By...

  1. When you feel alone or that you have no other choice but do it yourself... let that be a signal to shift. Shift from solo to Together. Connect with Nature, Breath, Gravity... and Beautiful Beings you are learning to trust are energetically present for you and with you. 
  2. Become More Aware of the relief that flows from Together-With. When you are With and In your body, there is relief. When you feel connected and supported, there is is relief! Yes, it is more subtle than morphine. It a relief that unwinds and heals. It gives you strength to be in your body and to cultivate a different relationship with yourself and others. Notice this energy below the noise of even loud pain, and you will find yourself with stronger life force, healing flow, and love of life in all its weather.
  3. Expand Your Circle of Support. Really! If you need some 1-on-1 time, I offer private coaching sessions on an affordable gliding scale. If you have never experienced a true emotionally present and supportive community, join our Emotional Freedom Circle. If nothing else, tap and begin the process of being open to more supportive beings in your world. And to feel the support that is already present.

It's ALWAYS Okay to Ask for Help Here!

It's been an honor to be with you for this Relief NOW series. Would you be so kind to leave a comment below and let me know how it has been for you? Thanks!

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