3. Cultivate a Circle of Support

3. Cultivate a Circle of Support

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ReliefNow-135-Cultivate a Circle of Support

[00:00:00] Cultivate a circle of support if you want relief, if you want to thrive. I believe with all of my heart and experience that a circle of support helps you navigate all of life's dynamics with a lot more grace and a feeling of being safely and respectfully supported. So what do I mean by a circle of support?

[00:00:29] When we tune into a beautiful being that we have a love connection with, even if they're not here, we are present with that connection, that exchange between us and another being a circle of support takes that to the next step. So for example, In your meditation or in your quiet time, you can imagine this beautiful being and that beautiful being and that beautiful being and that beautiful being and being the geometry of a circle.

[00:01:12] You know, a lot of human relationship. We're very aware of our status, where we are on the pyramid in a circle. The beautiful thing is we are all a part of that. Geometry, there's no head of the circle. We each see anything from a different vantage point, and every one of those vantage points has its validity, its uniqueness.

[00:01:47] For those that have a tendency to drop into a dependency, a circle of support, if that's your intention, if that's what you're cultivating right from the beginning, that you know that when you are letting go of that feeling like I need to do it all by myself. That you will be cultivating something that is stronger and more resilient than just one other relationship.

[00:02:20] If I look at the relationships that are really thriving and I ask them like, what's your circle of support? I. As soon as they understand what I mean. They, they'll talk about the energy that they get from this group that they're a part of, and this person and this person who is like kin to them and this animal and this spiritual practice and the, and the people that are connected through that as a coach, especially when focused on emotional freedom, I want and celebrate.

[00:02:57] As people add to their, their circle of professional support. So someone that has me as a coach and another person as a body worker, and this person who does, um, languages with them, and another person who is helping them, uh, declutter their home

[00:03:19] when they have a friend and then another friend. A circle of support for those that have not much experience. And I'm tapping, and you may want to too, if this is hard for you, people who don't have much experience with healthy relating, what I want to encourage you is to consider, are there people, do you think that they're people?

[00:03:49] That offer safety and respect. If you shared like, oh, I'm really stressed and strained about this right now, do you think that there are people who would say, Hmm, yeah, tell me more. Would you like to tap together? Would you like to breathe and just be with this? Or is there more that you would like to share?

[00:04:20] Do you think that such people exist?

[00:04:26] No, I've, in my road to, to relief and then to thriving, I had to start tuning to such people. And in this process that we've been in together, what have we done? We've. We've tuned into the body. We're using tapping to move our energy. We are learning to be with and in our body. And then right now we're opening up to not having to resist energy coming to us that is nourishing to us.

[00:04:59] A lot of times we've been having to protect ourselves from energy, which does not feel good, and we all know what someone's energy is. That does not feel good.

[00:05:15] I'd like to do some tapping here on the resistance that we can feel to a circle of support side of the hand, even though I barely have anyone that I feel safe and respected with right now.

[00:05:34] And I know some people don't have anyone.

[00:05:41] I'm open to the possibility of a circle of support,

[00:05:49] even though a circle of support. Sounds pretty darn good. A part of me does not believe it's possible, not for me

[00:06:05] up of the head. A part of me doesn't think that's possible for me.

[00:06:13] Eyebrow, I have so many painful experiences with others.

[00:06:20] Side of the eye, and that's in the process of changing

[00:06:27] under the eye. I'd love to be with people that can hold space for me under the nose space for my emotions. Chin Jen, space for my pain.

[00:06:46] Space for my celebrations

[00:06:52] under the arm, and I'd like to do that too. Be in a circle with others.

[00:07:00] A part of me is scared, anxious, and that's okay. I'm exploring.

[00:07:16] Take a breath.

[00:07:22] Now, just to be clear, I know people who are really thriving, who their entire circle of support are beautiful beings that do not have a physical body. They love their solitude. They love being in their own flow. Other physical human beings are just not their choice. Now, some of them have furry friends, and that's the life that they've chosen and they're really thriving.

[00:07:49] A circle of support can be what you are guided to co-create. For me, I need physical people, physical touch that's safe and respectful, and consensual feels really good to me. I love dancing in community. I love emotional processing with others, even, you know, to be witnessed and to feel safe. Doing that as weird and as unexpected as that can be based on our experience is deeply healing

[00:08:26] top of the head. I'm wanting relief

[00:08:33] eyebrow. There's been so much tension in me.

[00:08:40] Side of the eye. So much of a feeling that I had to do it alone

[00:08:48] under the eye that's starting to loosen up under the nose. It's a relief to not have to do it alone, chin, and it's a relief to know that not everyone needs to be a part of my circle.

[00:09:08] Some people are not very supportive to say the least under the arm, and I'm starting to feel like there might be people who can hold that space.

[00:09:29] I'm open to exploring what my circle of support could be.

[00:09:38] Another breath.

[00:09:42] If you close your eyes and imagine just for a moment, that there are some beautiful beings that are smiling and nodding, that they're already part of your circle of support, that whether they show up in physical form or not, we. Are there with you supporting you. There is great love here for you. The, the beautiful beings that are a part of the thriving now circles.

[00:10:12] Uh, I feel their generosity. I've known for over a decade their deep devotion to holding space for themselves and others in a way that's safe and respectful, and our energy is with you. Even if you don't know our names, I'm Rick from thriving now.com, and you can email me at any time if you want to share something that's going on with you and you want to be witnessed in that space.

[00:10:44] Please feel free if being a part of a circle of people is something that you'd like to explore. We have the emotional freedom circle and a couple of other options, and I really invite you to do this thriving now.com/circle.

[00:11:14] If you have like one professional that you like and trust. I encourage you to find someone else who can do maybe one other thing for you that you like and trust. You know, I know people that started with, uh, a therapist or a coach, and then they found someone who really does a great job with their yard work and feeling that person as part of their circle of support.

[00:11:46] You know, when I get groceries delivered. I don't even necessarily see the person who's doing it, but there's this feeling like, wow, thank you so much. Thank you for bringing me the food, their part. I choose to include people who do any act of service where I feel safe and respected and cared for in any way.

[00:12:09] I choose to include them in my, my circle of support because it reminds me, it brings me relief. It brings me a sense of variableness because I'm part of that too. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your circle of support. Even if it's just for these few minutes or these few hours. I am open to continuing this.

[00:12:37] I do have people that imagine me tapping with them. The middle of the night or going in and rubbing their shoulders, or, um, just providing some reassurance and a smile and a heart for them. Please know that I am really open to that and I'm not the only one. There are so many people that I've been blessed to get to know.

[00:13:01] No, it's not everyone. Some people are really wrapped up in the trauma of their life. Their primitive brain is so busy, so strained. But that doesn't mean that for the rest of us that have a little bit of time, a little bit of energy to offer, you may find yourself becoming more aware of the ways that you are part, an integral part of the circle of support for people that you serve through your work, through your family, through your community.

[00:13:37] Um, thank you so much and bye for now.

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