​​​​Childhood Trauma Relief – Starter Set

Childhood Trauma Starter Set

Childhood Trauma Relief: Starter Set (PDF with full transcripts)

Childhood trauma often creates an energy of being frozen… unable to free ourselves from the feelings that predominated when we were young. We can feel bound by family rules… or tormented by the fear of bullies and critics. And painfully unwanted and unlovable.

By looking at how family rules and early “teasing” influences us later in life, we open doorways to new ways of perceiving these old lessons and finding more freedom. When we look at some of the core feelings that often come with these issues, we can bring relief and a positive shift into new behaviors and attitudes… and raise our self-esteem.

Includes: 5 Coaching & Tapping sessions (MP3 downloads with full PDF transcripts) and Clearing Childhood Trauma e-book (PDF):

Clearing Childhood Traumas (PDF)

Early childhood experiences color most of what we think, do, believe, and resist. Negative emotional intensity around any “lessons” we learned as a child can leave us “stuck” as an adult with the fears and energies we learned long ago. In this guide, we will show you how the brain stores trauma and teach you a powerful way to release these old fears and beliefs so you can feel more confident and in control of what you do, think, and feel.

These are not just experiences from “your past” … these are energies still active in your current vibration.

Audio MP3’s Included (examples of tapping for childhood traumas):

Example 1: Rick’s Highschool Paper Trauma

Example 2: Cathy’s Tractor Trauma

I Can’t Change I’m Bound By Family Rules
Do you find yourself repeating patterns from childhood… yet wishing you could change? Family dynamics can be a powerful force in our lives, even if we have little contact with our relatives now. Every family has beliefs and “shoulds” that we absorb subconsciously and never question. Since we learned them in an environment where almost everyone believed and followed these “laws of the family,” we may not even be aware how deeply they affect our behavior as adults. Taking the time to examine these beliefs, and to decide if they are still right for YOU, can help you feel empowered to make your OWN choices. This process can also unblock the flow of abundance (in the form of love, money, play) in unexpected ways.

I Am Not Wanted
We explore the reasons people decided they are not wanted, including having their needs ignored when they were young, feeling like they were a burden or unloved as a child, and feeling unacceptable as they are.

They Picked On Me
Why is being picked on by others so painful? Such negative experiences early in life can leave a “permanent” mark on us… creating limiting beliefs that affect our quality of life even decades later. It’s time to free yourself of their taunts and judgments NOW… using EFT. When we are criticized while in a physically or emotionally vulnerable state, a part of our brain mis-interprets the situation and “decides”:
– There must be something WRONG with me.
– I’m not good enough.
– It’s my fault. I’m to blame.
– I don’t fit in.
– I’m not likable.
– I’m not thin enough, pretty enough, athletic enough, smart enough (or maybe too smart).
– I’m not going to get what I want.
– I’m not safe.
If there is any area where you have not been able to move forward in your life, ask yourself: “Did someone PICK ON ME about this?” And if so, take a moment to get in touch with the intensity around that situation. If it is above a 2 on the 0-10 point scale, TAP ON IT. You can be amazed at the difference that can make in your sense of calm confidence.

I Am Unlovable
We explore why people feel unlovable and help them tap to change their perspectives. Includes
– I don’t do what they wanted me to.
– My weight.
– I’m too much.
– I’m not good enough.
– I’m defective.

Raising My Self Esteem
Feeling good about who we are and accepting ourselves are important strengths to have on the journey to a thriving life. Are you sending a signal to the universe that you deserve abundance and love? Or that you’re not so sure?
There is a certain symmetry to the process. As we treat ourselves with compassion and care, we feel like we are worth more. And as we practice emotionally appreciating ourselves, noticing what we do well, and removing blocks to allowing this, we naturally treat ourselves better. If you would like to raise your self-esteem and confidence, and take better care of yourself, this audio can help.

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  • rachelsreichlin says:

    its not related to anything specific… if youre reading this never doubt your abilities no matter what you do for a living or where you stay. you are your own reality and how you look at areas of life is how your world will be. god didnt prgogramme you not to be updated … change is good always improve and you will succeed if you want it

    • The lens you re looking through can be distorted by a disturbed self image where there is early abuse and trauma in childhood., For those of us who carry these scars the trauma is deeply imbedded into our personality. Change can feel impossible which leads to depression, feelings of being stuck in hopelessness, isolation and despair. This is why EFT is so effective. It can go into those old programs and replace them with unconditional love.

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