3. Go With + In. Listen. Engage as Caring Friends. Embody Love.

3. Go With + In. Listen. Engage as Caring Friends. Embody Love.

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ReliefNow-124-Go With + In. Listen. Engage as Caring Friends. Embody Love.

[00:00:00] So let's go within and listen. The first step in that is to be with the body. Take a breath,

[00:00:18] and if it feels comfortable to you, put your hand on your chest over your heart, and as you take another breath and you make a sound, Notice the vibration under your hand.

[00:00:47] Did you feel your chest rise? And then relax? Did you feel the vibration? Let's do that again. Putting attention on the movement and the vibration, the warmth, the you, your body.

[00:01:18] Uh, most of us carry a lot of tension in our jaw, our throat.

[00:01:26] Just be with your jaw for a moment. Ah,

[00:01:34] how would it like to move,

[00:01:38] watch funny face? Would it like to make that might bring it some relief? It's our focus relief now.

[00:01:54] And if you were a caring friend who noticed that maybe your jaw is tight and stressed, what might you suggest to your jaw? Hey. Why don't you lie down and rest for a moment? That's one thing. Why don't you like to do that? Oh, yeah. If you imagine your jaw is lying down and resting, and your tongue resting in your jaw like it's a hammock, just take a moment and do that.

[00:02:43] Now I'd like you to find your collarbone points. Remember that base of the throat, there's the hard bony knob coming down into the softer area. And if you're in a place where you can do this, close your eyes. And feel around like tap around until it feels like, oh yeah, right there. Like someone who's massaging you and they hit that spot.

[00:03:22] It's like, oh yeah, right there, right there. Or scratching an itch where there's relief. And then try the other side. Find the place, let your body tell you

[00:03:44] where's the spot,

[00:03:48] and then pause.

[00:03:53] And as you breathe with your hands over those places on you. See whether like if you take your top hand and press down a little bit, I maybe let your jaw roll around a little bit while it's lying down, taking a break.

[00:04:23] How does that feel in the rest of you? Two.

[00:04:29] If you're having difficulty right now feeling relaxed and with your body, let's pause and just tap the points and as you tap, see how fast and how hard your body wants the tapping to be, and where exactly there are accu points, comfort points all over the body. If you find a spot that feels good, maybe hold for a moment.

[00:05:06] I'm going to the eyebrow. Try rubbing,

[00:05:13] relax your jaw. Feel your breath

[00:05:21] being with and in your body. Closing your eyes, feeling the echo at the side of the eye

[00:05:35] and under the eye, just letting yourself feel the echo that resonates the energy unwinding, soothing, comforting.

[00:05:58] Try something a little different at the chin point. I move your jaw and massage. Is there tension there or, yeah. Massage yourself a little bit because we use these points in the tapping that we do it. They become more active, our body becomes more aware of them. And the good news is, is that when we want to be with and in our body, the opportunity is for us to listen at those points like holding the under underarm points, massaging a little bit.

[00:06:41] You might notice some soreness. That's okay. See whether your body really wants to be like rubbed hard. Try if you're used to rubbing hard, maybe being with like, oh yeah, hey, body. Got some energy built up there, some soreness. Yeah, let me bring some comfort, some breath.

[00:07:13] Now that's being with your body and tuning in, dropping in, tuning in. Let's go within,

[00:07:29] and one of the ways to do that is to follow your breath and pull your attention inside of yourself. Like for me, it's this feeling of pulling back in and down. You're going inside your skin inosphere

[00:07:56] and checking in with your heart. So much of our culture is in our head. It's great to check in with your heart.

[00:08:08] Being with and in and listening.

[00:08:16] Hey, heart, anything you'd like to share with me about how you're feeling physically, emotionally?

[00:08:35] You might hear something simple like, oh, this is good, or I could use some more love and rubbing

[00:08:48] whatever it is. It could be feel angry. Maybe your heart has anger or sadness or grief. Gage is caring friends. I mean that literally, like if your heart that beats for you was your dear friend and you had just a moment to check in with them. Hey, hey buddy, what can I do for you today? Oh, I'd like some fresh air.

[00:09:23] Yeah, me too. That'd be great. Let's do that at two o'clock today.

[00:09:35] We are designed to relate with others, we can leverage that. We can build on that by treating our body as if it is a friend we care about. That is with us, together with us in this journey of life. And we check in. We don't have to check in all the time. But at least check in once a day and see, Hey, what can I do for you today?

[00:10:04] What are you feeling? What's alive for you?

[00:10:11] A lot of times we also disconnect from the lower parts of us, so I'm gonna encourage you to pick like the area below your belly button. If you have a uterus, you might want to tune into it

[00:10:28] if you have a, a prostate, if you have, uh, a sense of your own core in that area. Notice I'm starting to waggle a little bit as I listen and tune into that part of me. There's movement that I wants. I'm tired of just sitting up straight. How is it for you

[00:10:56] if you're overcome by emotion? Stop to tap. It could be joy of the reconnection. It could be grief of loss that has been unacknowledged and ungrieved. Laughter and tears are welcome here now in our community. It's what we do. Laughter and tears are welcome here and whatever it is, if it's something that you want to share, please know that you can do so.

[00:11:33] Ah,

[00:11:37] Connecting that lower part of you to your heart and maybe feeling your feet on the ground too, feeling gravity, working, going within, and noticing, oh, I have a spine, I have a skeleton, and it moves. And there's all this supporting structure. Even when it's hurting, there's supporting structure that keeps me from flopping over and collapsing.

[00:12:08] Thank you body. And this is where embodying love as a practical matter for relief. It has other benefits too. But embodying love says Thank you. I appreciate all you're doing. And we're in this together.

[00:12:34] Feel earth, your feet, your bones, your pelvis, your viscera, your heart, your throat. What's your jaw? Wake up. Come back into engagement. Maybe you take a breath and a sound,

[00:13:05] maybe rub your, your head. Feel,

[00:13:13] feel your body. If it feels good to you to clasp your hands, put your hands together. Just a bit more appreciation for your body and the relationship than you're used to,

[00:13:36] and allow yourself to feel the relief.

[00:13:43] Thank you.

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