1. Check In with the Body and Tap to Start Healing the Disconnect and Distrust

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1. Check In with the Body and Tap to Start Healing the Disconnect and Distrust

– What parts are you disconnected from? (Do you need our Free EFT Tapping Guide ?)

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ReliefNow-122-What parts are you disconnected from

[00:00:00] We're gonna check in with the body and we're gonna use EFT tapping to start healing. The disconnect and the distrust that's probably built up. Any of us who've been through pain and suffering know that there's a, there's an attitude and an energy that can build up, and it really interferes with us being present.

[00:00:22] So to keep it simple. Notice a part of your body that you have an attitude toward. Maybe you're like, I don't even want to think about that part of me. Maybe it's out of balance in some way. For example, a lot of people have an attitude toward their belly and maybe what it feels like, what it looks like, and.

[00:00:56] If by just having you tune to that, you're starting to get a reaction. Good. That's what we're going to be tapping on. Tapping is for the reaction that we start to have when we tune into our body. We're looking to shift that. Okay, so how strong a reaction do you have? Pick a part of your body, maybe put your hand on it If you can't put your hand on it, that's.

[00:01:25] Fine. It's information though, isn't it? And tune in. Close your eyes for a moment. Take a breath. Um,

[00:01:41] and how connected do you feel to that part of you? Another way to say that is how disconnected is it zero to 10. Like 10 is like, I am not even feeling like it's a part of me, and let's do some tapping repeat after me and tap along, even though I feel disconnected from this part of me.

[00:02:14] And I have my reasons.

[00:02:20] I accept that that's how I feel right now,

[00:02:27] even though I'm disconnected from that part of me.

[00:02:33] And I'm not really sure how connected I want to be.

[00:02:42] I accept that. That's how I feel about that part of me right now.

[00:02:50] Even though I'm pretty disconnected from that part of me and I have some feelings about it,

[00:03:02] I accept where I am and how I feel right now. Go the top of the head. I feel disconnected from this part of me.

[00:03:18] Eyebrow and I have my reasons

[00:03:24] side of the eye. I have my experiences

[00:03:31] under the eye. I even have some traumas related to this part of me under the nose. No wonder I feel some disconnection. Chin. No wonder I've felt so disconnected from that part of me

[00:03:54] collarbone, and that's how I've been feeling or not feeling

[00:04:03] under the arm, and I'm in the process of tuning into that.

[00:04:16] I'm in the process of tuning into that part of me and it's uncomfortable.

[00:04:28] Take a deep breath.

[00:04:35] Remember when you're tapping, it doesn't have to be completely true. Maybe that wasn't uncomfortable to you. Maybe that was relief right there, and maybe it was extremely uncomfortable for you, and that's why I'd like to do another round of tapping. Again, touch that part of you if you can. If you're connecting with your liver or an organ, or.

[00:04:59] A part of you that is more internal, you can close your eyes and let your inner vision connect to that part of you. How disconnected do you feel now?

[00:05:15] Checking in. Give it a number. Doesn't have to be medically accurate. It's an impression

[00:05:26] side of the hand. Even though I'm still disconnected from that part of me,

[00:05:36] it's okay. I've had my reasons,

[00:05:43] even though I have years of experience disconnecting from this part of me,

[00:05:52] I'm in the process of looking at that right now.

[00:05:59] Even though, yeah, sometimes it's easier for me to di be disconnected from that part of me can be really painful, uncomfortable, the stressing even

[00:06:21] I take a breath. And I connect just a wee bit more

[00:06:31] top of the head. This remaining disconnection, I feel

[00:06:38] eyebrow. I have my reasons

[00:06:44] side of the eye, that part of me, I've really disconnected from.

[00:06:52] Under the eye. I wonder how it will feel to be a bit more connected

[00:07:03] under the nose. I'm in the process of reconnecting me to me, Jen. This is a little weird and uncomfortable.

[00:07:21] Callone and I could really use relief

[00:07:30] under the arm. Maybe some of my suffering comes from this disconnection.

[00:07:40] Up of the head, and I'm in the process of accepting my body more and more

[00:07:51] a little bit at a time.

[00:07:58] Take a deep breath.

[00:08:08] I'll go back to this part of you as you touch it, do you notice any change?

[00:08:20] And without judging the change as good or bad, see if there's some relief present. Sometimes even being more present with an uncomfortable feeling can bring us relief. I believe with all my heart that there's no part of me that wants to be sent away, disconnected from that it interferes with the healing energy, the circulation of that, which brings.

[00:08:56] Balance, replenishment, cleansing, and yeah, relief. See if you can notice. Take another breath. Allow yourself to see if you can notice any shift whatsoever and your feeling of disconnection,

[00:09:20] and let's continue.

– What parts do you have any animosity (or even hate) towards because they are “hurting you, betraying you, stopping you” ? 

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ReliefNow-122b-What parts do you have any animosity (or even hate) towards because they are hurting_

[00:00:00] So what parts of you might you have animosity toward even hate because they're hurting you, betraying you, or stopping you.

[00:00:21] Well, let's tune in together as you scan your body. Paying particular attention to areas that might be in pain right now that you'd like some relief?

[00:00:40] What draws your attention? Like, oh yeah, I don't, I'm upset with that part of me.

[00:00:50] And after you've tuned in, maybe put your hand on that. That part of you and feel as you're with that part of you, how much animosity you might have discussed. Hate, um, wish it would just fix itself.

[00:01:19] Anger.

[00:01:25] And it doesn't have to be a 10, you don't have to have that much intensity toward it. Relief can come even if, like, when you notice a place that's hurting, if your attitude of, uh, anger and frustration is a five, what that does is it acts as a magnifier. It takes the pain and it adds a, a suffering component to it.

[00:02:00] Ouch.

[00:02:04] So giving it a number, let's do some tapping and see what happens with that part of you. Okay. I'm gonna use a a bunch of different words here. Feel free to, if it's really frustration or anger or hate, you can just use that word over and over again. That works side of the hand, even though. I have some really strong feelings about that part of my body.

[00:02:48] It really frustrates me. It makes me angry. It hurts me. I sometimes feel really betrayed by that part of me.

[00:03:08] I acknowledge how I feel right now,

[00:03:13] even though at times I hate that part of me and that makes sense. It really hurts.

[00:03:29] I accept how I feel.

[00:03:36] Even though I've got some real intense feelings about this part of me,

[00:03:44] so frustrating, I hate it,

[00:03:52] and I really want relief right now.

[00:03:58] Top of the head. I sometimes hate this part of me.

[00:04:05] Eyebrow and that makes sense

[00:04:10] side of the eye. It causes me so much pain

[00:04:17] under the eye. It feels like it's attacking me

[00:04:23] under the nose and I don't know what to do.

[00:04:30] Sometimes I feel so angry I might even be getting stuck in my system Collarbone. Sometimes I feel almost rage

[00:04:48] under the arm and sometimes I wanna run and just get away. I'm so upset with this part of my body.

[00:05:02] And even though it may be doing the best that it can, I still have such animosity at times.

[00:05:17] Take a deep breath, maybe let out a sound. Uh,

[00:05:26] We do that to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is a beautiful part of this reconnection process, regulating your system. How does it feel to you now, sometimes we've been saying some of these things inside of our head. If there are specific things that you say about that part of your body inside your head.

[00:05:52] Tap the points while you say those parts.

[00:06:02] I hate my hip. I hate my hip. I hate my hip. I hate my hip. I hate my hip. I hate my hip. I hate my hip. Whatever it is. Does that make sense? Like we talked about, tapping is very flexible, but it works best if you're tuned into. What you actually feel, and again, when you say, I hate my hip, you may feel both hate and something else.

[00:06:31] That's not hate. It's okay. One of the things about tapping, it's, it's a bit like if there was a mess on the floor, right? There was, um, a lot of water and there were a bunch of rocks. Whether you're cleaning up the water or cleaning up the rocks, they kind of go together, right? It's all part of the same disruption, and by doing this, we're tuning into our body and we're, we're being honest.

[00:07:06] We're saying what we're feeling. Let's go ahead and do it again side of the hand. Even though I've really hated parts of me. Particularly that part,

[00:07:26] I'm in the process of healing this rift,

[00:07:32] even though I am so not ready to love and accept that part of me. I, my feelings are way too strong for that.

[00:07:47] I'm at least open to the possibility

[00:07:53] of healing, the disconnect.

[00:07:59] I am changing my attitude. It is a part of me.

[00:08:08] Top of the head. That part of ME'S caused so much pain

[00:08:15] eyebrow. Nobody really knows how much pain that part of me's caused

[00:08:25] side of the eye. It's been so hard.

[00:08:32] Under the eye. It's been so intense

[00:08:39] under the nose. No wonder I have such strong feelings about that part of me

[00:08:48] chin Who wouldn't?

[00:08:53] Collarbone, it's completely expected to have strong feelings when you're being hurt

[00:09:10] under the arm, and I'm wanting relief.

[00:09:17] The relief that can come through Reconnection.

[00:09:25] Of the head. I am not quite ready to love and accept that part of me,

[00:09:33] and that's okay.

[00:09:37] I'm really being with the feelings I have.

[00:09:43] Take a deep breath.

[00:09:55] First, congratulations. If you're being with the feelings that you have about your body, this is such a milestone, and maybe this is new for you, and maybe this is just the next round, but take a moment and acknowledge that their feelings that build up. And when a part of us is hurting, a part of us wants to disconnect from that and treat it like it's something other than our whole being.

[00:10:32] And in that, it's a bit like getting your hands dirty. There's a process of washing our hands, and this is a process of. Tuning into being with a body, acknowledging emotional energy that's there in the body and bringing it, acknowledgement, respecting yourself. You'll notice that I, I tapped on acknowledging that of course we're gonna have intense feelings and sometimes that can be a key moment when.

[00:11:13] We stop beating ourselves up for having intense feelings about this part of us that has been a a difficult, difficult relationship. I encourage you, you'll notice I, we tapped on not quite ready to love and accept myself. In the next section, we're gonna soften that up. But if it's real, still intense, like the emotional energy is still a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, um, stick with this process.

[00:11:46] Maybe do it one more time. Give it a rest. Come back tomorrow. See how it feels if it feels at all different. Um, and then move on to the next stage. Alright.

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