Pain Relief with EFT

It’s 3 am. You are awake, and you HURT. Alone in the dark, trying to rest, exhausted from the pain… where can you turn at this hour? All these negative emotions flare up and start rambling around inside your head… “I’ll never get better … Why me?! … What did I do to deserve this? … What if it never gets better?

I’ve been there… too many times.

Pain Relief with EFT 1

Hi, my name is Rick Wilkes, and I co-created the program Pain Relief with EFT with Carol Look because I know what it is like to have maxed out the pain meds and still desperately need relief. I know what it is like to be stuck in a vicious cycle and not see a way out.

It is so easy to be distressed, depressed, and full of despair. Pain gets to us. Once pain overwhelms our coping skills, we cross over from “having pain” into SUFFERING. And that’s where the situation gets really bad.

You want to reach for help. But who? Or what? I mean, late night infomercials just ain’t gonna cut it when the suffering gets intense.

Pain Relief with EFT 2

What if relief is right at your finger tips… if only someone would show you how?

When I found EFT Tapping for myself back in 2003, it worked so well for my pain that I was initially INCENSED that it had been around for a decade, tens of thousands of people like me were using it daily, and I had suffered needlessly through way too many long nights… when a few minutes of guided tapping could have brought me such relief!

If you’re in pain now (or love someone who is), what I can tell to you from personal experience is that this “tapping thing” is a potent form of self-healing. Isn’t it worth a try?

Here’s how it works at 3 am…

The Pain Relief with EFT program is like a special kind of medicine chest… a Vibrational Medicine Chest. Perhaps you remember the song Good Vibrations? Well, when we’re suffering, our vibration is far, far from good. So, at 3 am you take a deep breath, pick the vibration that matches how you feel, and follow along as Carol and I gently walk you through the simple tapping exercise. It takes only a few minutes.

I found tapping to be so incredibly useful that I studied it extensively. I traveled and learned from masters like Carol Look. Over the past twenty years I’ve introduced tens of thousands of people to the power of tapping through my coaching work and websites. In my professional experience, those who learn tapping also learn how to self-manage their pain at a level they never imagined possible.

It’s 2 pm on a Saturday. You are home alone (again) while everyone else is out enjoying life. You don’t have the energy to fight through the pain and pretend to enjoy the social chit-chat. You are in that awful state of boredom combined with intense suffering. You are tired of making excuses, and you’re worried that your friends and family are going to give up on you. That fear makes you tense… which only makes the pain worse.

Instead of being frustrated and stuck where you are, what if you used this time to clear some of the chronic negative emotions and fears? What if 5-20 minutes of your time could shift how you feel about yourself, your situation, and your future… or at the least allow you to rest more deeply?

“Rick Wilkes and Carol Look’s program Pain Relief with EFT allows you to tap into the experience and insight of two of the best pain relief specialists. They take you through the process of releasing the emotional blocks that keep you stuck and hinder the body’s ability to move toward well-being. Listening to the audio recordings or reading the e-book brings you into a world where the problems are much clearer. Subconscious beliefs are shown with clarity and compassion as they are released. New, healthier beliefs take their place, and you find resilience and relief.” -Cathy Vartuli, PhD
Pain Relief with EFT 3

It’s 1 pm on Thursday. You are at work. Your pain is making it hard to focus, and you really need to finish this project. You take a deep breath. What do you do?

You could struggle through (like you’ve always done in the past), but you know you don’t do your best work when you feel this way. Instead, you decide to use the new techniques you’re learning in Pain Relief with EFT. You tune into your body for relief guidance (we show you how). Then you quickly skim the list of limiting beliefs from the program, and one pops out at you.

Even though you didn’t realize it consciously until now, part of you felt worried that you weren’t good enough to be successful with this project. You listen and tap along for less than 5 minutes as Carol guides you through tapping on Limiting Belief #15: I Can’t Do Anything Right.

You notice that the urge to procrastinate is gone. The positive tapping at the end of the recording helps you feel more upbeat. Your energy is now vibrating in a way that gives you an improved ability to focus on your project.

You start feeling calmer. Your pain isn’t nearly as bad. You take a deep breath, maybe get a drink of water, and decide you can do the project one small step at a time. Perhaps you take breaks to tap a few more times when you feel a bit overwhelmed or impatient or anxious (the program has recordings for all of these emotional states… and more), and after the tapping you are able to complete more than you expected. (Some parts of the work are even enjoyable… for a change!)

You finish your work for the day and go home, knowing that you were productive, that you will have a lot more energy and love for your family (rather than bringing home an exhausted, frustrated, and grumpy self), and most importantly, that you took another step along the road to well-being!

Pain Relief with EFT 4

Pain Relief with EFT is an empowering, comprehensive coaching program designed to bring you relief in your body and mind by: 

  • raising your vibration, 
  • showing you how to master your focus, and 
  • exercising your self-healing systems using EFT, a cutting edge emotional technology.

In this coaching program you will have access to dozens of tapping scripts and audio recordings from EFT experts Carol Look and Rick Wilkes. These resources are designed to help you raise your vibration and feel better no matter what your physical challenge is.

Imagine your relief when you learn the right tools to feel better right now…

You will have access to audio recordings and articles on limiting beliefsemotional states, and numerous educational topics about pain and what to do about it.

Pain Relief with EFT gives you:

  • Instant access to 31 audio files to help you feel relief from painful emotional states
  • Instant access to dozens of guided EFT tapping rounds to clear limiting beliefs and free up more of your energy for self-healing
  • Instant access to audio coaching sessions with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes so you know how to benefit every day from this surprisingly effective approach to physical and emotional pain relief
  • Instant access to detailed EFT tapping scripts

Reducing stress is key to the physiological journey back to well-being. Regardless of your situation, this program teaches you and your body how to once again find relief and relaxation so you will have the energy to live well and laugh more often.

Pain Relief with EFT puts all the materials you need for relief at your fingertips:

  • Learn how to feel relief from your pain…
  • Start feeling better and better in your body today…
  • Discover tools that can change your perspective and your vibration on a daily basis…
  • Let us guide you to use the Law of Attraction and EFT to feel better TODAY.

All of our programs have 60 day money back guarantees, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

Get Access to
the Full Course!

Purchase Pain Relief with EFT and get lifetime access to the recordings and tapping scripts. You get 70+ audios to help you clear blocks and find relief.
Just $57 (gliding scale available).

If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll take advantage of this coaching program and get the pain relief you crave.

Pain Relief with EFT 5

Warm Wishes,
Rick & Carol

P.S. You can also choose to join the Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle and get access to this program as part of the circle membership. (You can easily cancel anytime, and this program also has a 60-day money back guarantee. The circle is available on a gliding scale, too!)

  • christine says:

    I had a friend tell me about tapping and I have cronic pain daily for the last 5 years. I have beeen on meds chiro, you name it. I wanted to see it you ever get used books that are cheaper then this price I just can’t afford it. Please let me know asap. Thank you Christine

  • Hi,

    Ive FMS  all over and was confused as to what to order full stop.
    just whats best for pain relief,as you just sent me soo many emails.Kay Sibley

  • You are an asshole for taking money from people who need help

  • Valter Codini says:

    I am interested for my back pain after a spine surgery to remove a herniate disk. The surgery was good but the patient died(!?) I fell worse after the operation and after 4 years I’m feeling a bit better with a daily gym program. I heard about EFT but your offer is too expensive. Can I have a trial before? I’m from Italy. Thanks

  • Hi, all your prices are in dollars, I would be interested in your payment plans as I cannot afford the whole amount but I live in UK so how does it work.
    Thank you,

  • Hi, as your orders are in dollars, I would consider putting an order in payment plan as i cannot afford the whole amount but I live in uk, how does it work?
    thank you,

    • Your credit card company will do the conversion into your local currency for you. Just click the link for the payment plan and then check out. Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions as you go through the program. -Rick

  • Dan Pasat says:

    I have been thinking : could anyone whose native language is not English (but who has been using English for 10 years or so at an upper intermediate/advanced level) start tapping without having to translate (into their own language) whatever they have to say/repeat loudly while touching those points on their body? That could obviously be done on the spot or after a certain spoken formula has been uttered in English. Has anyone thought of it or tried it on themselves up to now?… 
    Thanks a lot,

    • Seems to work for many people, Dan. Also, there are some “potent” expressions or words from someone’s past like “I hate you!!!” that might be best translated if they have more emotional directness in the language they were originally spoken/thought/experienced. -Rick

  • Olga Ischenko says:

    hi. I have been in chronic pain for the last 15 years along with the PTSD diagnosis. I would love to try this program but was wondering if you could offer a concession rate or even a longer payment plan?… as I am a single mum and would struggle to afford it… if not , Ill do my best to trial it at a later stage… I do find that EFT reliefs the emotional pain.. havent had much shift with the physical sensations at this stage.. hence I am keen to try your program.. Thanks very much and look forward to hearing from you . Also , do you offer any sort of interaction sessions during this program, in case there are questions and feelings and confusions come up…

    • Hi Olga, Drop me an email to with an idea of what kind of fee would work for you for the program. We’ll see if we can work that out. Also, I do offer gliding scale private coaching sessions. — And if you get the pain program, you can ask questions in the comment area like you are here that is part of the pain program (no extra charge). Hope that helps! –Rick

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