June 14, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Angry At My Body For Hurting

I have appreciated  your recent e-mails with scripts to help with anxiety, etc. I'm VERY grateful, they are helping SO much.
I have a question about what do to when your body is in physical pain... I notice that people who are in intense pain or have been in physical pain a long time often start to express anger at their body. They are consciously trying to heal and do the right thing... but subconsciously they are angry at their body for hurting in the first place.
They feel like their body has let it them down and not been there to support them, not been strong enough, and isn't healing like it should. It's as if the body is saying "Hey! You are sending me mixed messages! In one breath you're telling me not to feel pain, and in  the next you're telling me you are mad at me for expressing the energy to get the pain out and do the healing."
Do you have any scripts that addresses the frustration people may have against their body for being hurt or sick? Many thanks! -Annie

We have a Relief Now course that is a great place to start (it's free, sign-up using the form below). It includes some work on communicating with your body. It's helped a lot of people. You're welcome to let your friends and family know about it, too.

We would also ask... how do you feel when someone tells you stop feeling that ?

We've had people do that to us, and it feels frustrating and confusing. Our bodies feel that way when we tell them to stop hurting. Instead, it can really help to start where you are. Just admitting we feel what we feel can be very empowering and liberating.

You might try this tapping:

Karate Chop: Even though my body hurts, and I am angry at it for hurting, I'd like to find a new way of looking at this.

Even though I'm in pain, and I blame my body... after all it MUST be my body's fault... what if my body is holding old emotions and energies for me, and that's what is causing the pain?

Even though I am really hurting and that makes me mad at my body, and I am so angry at my body for causing me pain... I bet my body doesn't want to hurt either. What if I could work with my body instead of against it?

Top of the Head: I HATE my body.
Eyebrow: It hurts me so much.
Side of the Eye: I'm so angry at it.
Under the Eye: That's the truth.
Under the Nose: And my body really hurts...
Chin: No matter how much I tell it to stop.
Collarbone: I am pissed at my body...
Under the Arm: And I blame it for all this hurt.

Top of the Head: What if my body needs my help?
Eyebrow: What if asked for help over and over...
Side of the Eye: And I didn't know the language?
Under the Eye: I am really tired of it hurting,
Under the Nose: And blaming it doesn't seem to help at all.
Chin: In fact, it just made me hurt more.
Collarbone: I'm ready to resolve this conflict.
Under the Arm: I ask for peace and clarity.

Top of the Head: My body does really hurt.
Eyebrow: That's a fact.
Side of the Eye: I feel angry at my body...
Under the Eye: That's true, too.
Under the Nose: It's okay if I'm angry.
Chin: I can tap on that and learn to listen.
Collarbone: In fact, I'm tapping on it right now!
Under the Arm: I've been blaming my body for the pain...
Top of the Head: But what if we want the same thing... health, love, and well-being?

Take a deep breath.

If you weren't angry at your body, who might you be angry at? 

Human beings are great at projecting unwanted emotions onto other people and other things.

Or, could your anger be frustration that you just haven't gotten what your body is "saying" to you? It is really frustrating to have someone yelling something in your ear over and over, when you just don't understand!

Just letting your body know that you're willing to listen may turn down the volume. It will probably help the connection if you are not (metaphorically speaking) holding your hands over your ears and singing "La, la, la, I can't hear you!" <soft smile>

Rick and Carol have a wonderful program on Pain Relief with EFT that can help, too. And our Relief NOW course is also available.

Our group coaching program is a powerful way to transform your blocks, grief, and anger into a loving connection with yourself.

Originally posted April 4, 2011

  • Found tapping the best solution ever in my live because of a pain problem. I would like to introduce tapping to a good friend who is disabled, living/sitting in a wheel chair and is spastic all over his body. 
    It is not possible for himself to tap the points or speak normaly.
    Can I tap for him, with him on any way?

    • Yes, we’ve done tapping in such cases by tapping on the person (with their permission) and as you say the statements at each point, encourage the person to allow the words to be “felt as if” they were saying them back to you. Be curious, flexible, and open to how it proceeds. Feel free to ask if you’d like more feedback. –Rick & Cathy

  • struggling.... says:

    is there someone i can reach to ask some really personal questions??

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