2. Actively Open to the Possibility of a Better Relationship Between You and Your Body

2. Actively Open to the Possibility of a Better Relationship Between You and Your Body

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ReliefNow-123-Actively Open to the Possibility of a Better Relationship Between You and Your Body

[00:00:00] So let's actively open to the possibility of a better relationship between you and your body. And we could start with how good a relationship do you have right now. And that can vary over the course of a day, a week, a month. But right now, as you feel into the relationship between you and this body that you have, zero to 10.

[00:00:29] How good is it?

[00:00:34] Take a breath and just feel the relationship.

[00:00:41] And now let's do some tapping. We do tapping because it's active. We're physically moving the body, we're talking. We're sharing how we feel. We're giving an intention for how the relationship is going to go, and we're connecting with these natural comfort points in the body that help connect us, reconnect us, deepen the connection, and that, I assure you, is a core part of relief.

[00:01:10] So let's do this. We start at the side of the hand.

[00:01:16] Even though I have not always had a great relationship with my body,

[00:01:26] and right now it's uh, where is it? Zero to 10.

[00:01:34] I accept where I am and how I feel right now,

[00:01:41] even though at times I have not had a good relationship with my body, and that may have even been this morning.

[00:01:56] I am actively open to a better relationship now,

[00:02:04] even though the truth is I have not had a great relationship with my body for a long time.

[00:02:14] I'm open to a slightly better one right now.

[00:02:21] Go to the top of the head. This relationship I have with my body,

[00:02:30] the love and the hate

[00:02:35] side of the eye. I have a difficult relationship with my body. Sometimes

[00:02:44] under the eye, you can say that again.

[00:02:50] Under the nose. I have a difficult relationship with my body sometimes.

[00:02:59] Chin, that's the truth.

[00:03:05] Call theone. I wonder if there's a way to make my relationship just a bit better.

[00:03:15] Under the arm, I'm open to the possibility of a better relationship with my body right now,

[00:03:28] top of the head, I'm actively tuning into my body with an intention of having a better relationship.

[00:03:41] Take a deep breath

[00:03:48] and go back and check in with that. How do you feel about the relationship that you have with your body?

[00:03:58] Maybe rub your legs, massage your heart, squeeze, and look at your hands, your arms.

[00:04:11] Give yourself a bit of a hug. I wanna be clear for a lot of people, self-love is a bridge. Too far right here, right now, like loving yourself is too far.

[00:04:33] I know that. Going from hating your body to being frustrated with your body can bring it relief. It's like, oh, it's, they're only frustrated with me. They're not hating me. The cells of your body are listening. They listen through your nervous system. Every thought and attitude we have impacts our, the communication that's happening inside of us.

[00:05:11] And if a relationship is a form of communication that we're investing in and we're cultivating, well, yeah. Anything that we do to bring relief to the strain and tension in that relationship is. Going to quiet the parts of us which are activated in an unnecessary way. You may have some really serious healing going on inside of your body.

[00:05:41] Everyone has some healing going on, but maybe your healing is really significant. The more that we can quiet down the noise that's not necessary and supportive of that, the better. So let's go back and do one more round of tapping right now. Even though, uh, my relationship with my body has been difficult,

[00:06:11] It is with me. My heart is beating. That's useful. My blood is pumping. That's important. There's a lot going on in there. My brain's functioning well enough to be here right now, and I honor and respect all that my body is doing right now

[00:06:43] to heal through, to recover,

[00:06:50] to bring me relief. And to keep me alive,

[00:06:58] top of the head. This remaining strain in my relationship with my body eyebrow, I have my reasons side of the eye, and it's doing an awful lot for me.

[00:07:22] Under the eye. I'm open to a better relationship

[00:07:29] under the nose. I don't know exactly what that will look like.

[00:07:35] Chin, we have some challenges, my body and I

[00:07:42] on who doesn't?

[00:07:48] And mine are significant at times.

[00:07:54] I'm asking my body to work with me

[00:08:02] top of the head.

[00:08:09] My body and I are on the same side. We're in this together forever till death to us part, and I'm really actively open to honoring that.

[00:08:29] Take a breath, a breath, let out a sound. Let it echo inside your body.

[00:08:37] Oh,

[00:08:42] you can pat yourself, pat the collarbone.

[00:08:50] Notice. How do you feel about the relationship with your body?

[00:08:59] Do you feel a bit more ease, a little less strain? Bit more hope

[00:09:11] when you honor your heart, your blood, your bones, your nervous system, the parts of you that continue to function or we wouldn't be having this engagement right now. When you just nod. Yeah, little thumbs up. Doesn't have to be, you're doing great. Don't need to lie to yourself. But there are miraculous things happening inside of you right now, and if you can nod to that and be open to being with and being in with.

[00:09:57] And in your body a bit more in relationship, conscious choice, relationship, listening, your body listens to what you want to do, you listen to how it might want to be supported in helping that happen. I didn't think for a long time that my body really was on my side, and this shift helped me realize that if I want to do a video today, guess what?

[00:10:28] My body wants to go to bed. It wants to eat this in the morning. It wants to get clear. It wants to stretch a little bit. It wants to have some water at hand. Yeah, it wants all those things. In order for me to get a chance to be here with you, what does your body want to do? And in the next segment, what we're going to do is practice a bit of what that looks like.

[00:10:53] Thanks. Let's continue together.

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