Stress Relief on Tap

Stress. It’s often in the air we breath, the water we drink, and in every conversation we have.

We’ve been taught to “avoid” stress… but not really told how. We’ve been taught that tough people suck it up. That the weak crumble. And also that stress wears you out and is bad for your body.

There are all kinds of myths and beliefs about stress. And the worst ones shame people for not knowing how to deal with it… or for being overwhelmed.

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The truth is, not all stress is bad. And there are simple ways to transform stress that are surprisingly easy…

There is good stress… the kind that helps us grow and become resilient. Finding the courage to apply for a new job can be stressful. Asking someone out on a date is challenging. Getting out art supplies to paint a picture takes courage.

Those stresses have a probable good outcome, and while they stretch us, we look forward to the outcome. If we’re gentle with ourselves and around positive people, we can enjoy the journey and become more confident in ourselves.

But there is also negative or “bad” stress… the kind that wears you down and leaves you feeling less resilient and less empowered.

It could be something that isn’t wanted… a job loss, a broken heart, a cancelled trip. How we handle those common life experiences can determine how we come through, how strong our self-esteem is, and how confident we walk through our lives.

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All the little distresses, the daily struggles, the small upsets… they can wear away at our sense of competence. If we can’t get our kids to wash their hands and clean up their messes, if we can’t get our co-workers or spouse to follow simple instructions… and if the oil hasn’t been changed or the keys are missing, our primitive brain can feel like we don’t have all this stuff handled.

Sadly, our primitive brain doesn’t know the difference between failing to find the car keys and failing to find food that we need to survive.

Our primitive brain doesn’t distinguish the kids going out the door less than tidy and being judged by the neighbors… from having enemies around ready to pounce.

Or how to tell the difference between “the worry that we don’t fit in” and the threat of being banished from the only source of safety and survival we know.

Those distresses can tear down what vitality and resiliency people have… leaving them exhausted, cranky, and even old before their time.

A constant flood (even at low levels) of stress hormones and chemicals virtually ensures this!

And sadly, when one person in a family or group is stressed, it can often spread to others. Primitive brains pick up when someone feels threatened or worried, and other people get activated, too. This shared stress creates feedback loops of anxiety, nervous energy, and unproductive burst of frantic energy.

If you’re ready to stop the stress cycle and channel your energy into something much more calm and powerful, you’re in the right place. And you can do it!


By combining the magic of ancient wisdom and new found insights into how the brain works, it is possible to powerfully and efficiently change the tide and allow that natural vitality and energy flow back in.

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You can do this by changing the way stress lands on your body and your being… By changing how your primitive brain interprets those stresses… And by changing your energy around stress.

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By putting Stress Relief on Tap.

If you’re interested in learning how to soothe your body and build resiliency in your life when you face both negative and positive stresses (and we all do)… We invite you to our program where you’ll discover how to release stress allow your body and mind to relax and renew faster and more powerfully than ever.

We’ll help you with the 3 main causes of stress (they’re not what you think) so that you have power over the life events (and people who sometimes create them) that would normally have you down and struggling.

And this doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It’s just a new way of seeing problems so you can leverage your energy in a different way.

If you’re ready to transform how your primitive brain and your body respond to stress, and create new well being and positive energy in your life, join us now!

All of our programs have 60 day money back guarantees, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

Get Access to
the Full Course!

Purchase Stress Relief on Tap and get lifetime access to the recordings and videos. You get 3 audios and 13 videos and a guided meditation to help you clear and release. Just $47 (gliding scale available).

You can also choose to join our Emotional Freedom Circle and get access to this program as part of the circle membership. (You can easily cancel anytime, and this program also has a 60-day money back guarantee. The circle is available on a gliding scale, too!)

If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll join us. We want to live in a world of grounded, connected, loving people who can let happiness and delight in their lives, and we’d love you to be part of creating this.

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Warm Wishes,
Rick and Cathy

P.S. If you’re worried that taking the time to listen will increase your stress, that your plate is already too full… You’re probably the person who needs this the most! And you can put the audios on your phone and listen to them while you drive, watch the short videos while you wind down from the day, and listen to the meditation as you relax into sleep. Give yourself this gift! Get Stress Relief on Tap Here

  • We know from 10 years working with stressed-out people that these approaches can and DO work. We’re excited to be consolidating and focusing with you so you’re sure to have Stress Relief on Tap — no matter where you are! –Rick & Cathy

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