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Free Articles:

Tapping Points and Instructions

Probing for the Core Emotional Issue

Limiting Your Talents and Genius

Try It On Everything … Seriously! (The Tapping Solution DVD Review)

Clearing Clutter Allows Abundance…

Emotional Postures

Moving Up The Vibrational Scale

Creating Safe and Healthy Boundaries

All This Practice and Never Perfect

Circles of Support

I Must Watch Out for Bad Things

Free Audios:

Anxiety Constricted Breathing

NO! You Can’t Make Me!

Resolved: I Choose To Feel Good!

Grounding Exercises – Regain Your Balance and Composure

Spiritual Growth with EFT

Oh NO! No Excuses Anymore!

EFT to Stop Vibrational Decline

Intentionally Feel Good Using EFT and the Law of Attraction

Transforming Pain into Optimal Health

Emotional Freedom is Creating Your Own Reality

The REAL Affirmation

Anxiety As Guidance

Instead of Fixing… Allowing

Mystery Diseases and Syndromes

Rewriting Mom’s Birth Story with EFT

Emotional Help Remembering Names

How Big a Check Do I Require to Feel Grateful?

Free Videos:

Trauma and the Primitive Brain

Inner Tapping

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