April 25, 2024 by Thriving Now Support

#01 – Intentionally Feel Good Using EFT and the Law of Attraction

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EFT-Talk Podcast #1—Why raise your vibration? What’s the point?

– When your vibration is high, you feel good. And when you feel good, you attract abundance.
– You cannot attract what you want in your life when your vibration is low.
– You can feel your vibration when you are quiet and tune in.
– When you’re depressed, you feel like you’re moving through mud.
– When you’re in overwhelm, what can you do to raise your vibration using EFT?  Listen to the podcast and tap along!

Back in January, I posted a resolution: “I choose to feel good.” When we choose to feel good as our #1 intention, we start looking at actions and should-do’s that make us feel less than good.  Instead of running away or abdicating responsibility, as some might think we would if we just “choose to feel good at any cost,” what I’ve noticed is that the choice to feel good instead helps us to re-perceive aspects of our life that may be important but not previously enjoyable. We start to intentionally make the best of it. How? By digging a bit deeper for some reason that reasonates with our heart… and particularly reaching for gratitude and appreciation for what is here NOW, and learning to be comfortable in the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

I know this is a bit fuzzy. Personal life experience always is. That is why you will have to try this concept on for a few months to see if it feels right to you.

Imagine what your life would be like if all the should’s and have-to’s were gone. People “should” all over themselves all the time, and it makes them feel terribly burdened. In every case a should can be transformed into a choice… a fork in the road. The fork to choose will be the one that makes you feel a bit better than the other option. Your emotional guidance system—your divine intuition—can and will (if given the chance) raise the vibration of one of the options so it is clearly the better choice for you!

In fact your emotional guidance system can raise the vibration of one of the options so clearly that, in doing so, you become in alignment with it. Your whole being starts to reasonate and vibrate more fully with the potential good feelings in the choice. You activate consciously the law of attraction. People and support start showing up. And you are lead in the direction of your deepest heart’s desire. You will indeed… feel GOOD.

What I teach as an emotional freedom coach is how to use EFT to clear the blocks to feeling good—physically, emotionally,  spiritually, and financially. Yet, the first step has to be a choice you make—a choice to intentionally enhance your life experience. It will require long term (lifetime) attention to vibration—your emotional state—along with the intentional use of tools like EFT in order to feel as good as you have the potential to feel.

I’d like to help. In this EFT Talk podcast, Carol Look and I discuss the reasons we choose to intentionally take action to raise our vibration every single day. You can listen using the player controls at the top of this article, or click the MP3 link above and download it to your computer or portable music device.

If you are ready to shift your vibration, I encourage you to go within yourself, listen for what your intuition is telling you, and take action. One choice is to really learn EFT, apply it to some of the aspects of your life that leave you feeling less-than-good, and commit to a minimum of 90-days working with me or another professional coach to help you become a master at consciously creating what you desire. Thriving Now offers a team coaching program that is designed to do just that.


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