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Clearing Clutter Allows Abundance…

by Carol Look, EFT Master

Have you ever noticed that the clutter in your life — too much stuff in your office, a schedule filled with appointments you don’t want, extra weight or pain in your body, or friendships and acquaintances that are no longer a vibrational match for you — gets in the way of your attracting abundance?  Well, you’re right, it does!

If your mind is cluttered with resentful thoughts, there’s no space for the vibration of abundance.  If your life is cluttered with needy people, there’s no room for joyful, uplifting relationships.  If your office or home is totally cluttered with papers and junk you haven’t been able to throw away, there’s no room for manifestation of the abundance you have been asking for.

What if you cleared the emotional clutter from your mind?

What if you let go of your outdated relationships
and allowed healthy friendships into your life? 

What if you cleared the physical clutter from both
your body and your home, how much room would
there be for abundance now?

All I can say is that if you try clearing clutter from your life by tapping on the underlying emotional conflicts and needs that are keeping the unhealthy patterns in place, you’ll notice the energetic difference right away.  Then you’ll notice the material difference, then the health differences and so on.  Here’s the key:  Find and eliminate the emotional reasons you are attached to clutter, and you can happily let it go and allow abundance back into your life — where it belongs.

Notice why you hold onto negative thoughts, stuff or relationships… notice why you can’t let go…try to understand why you won’t release something old and outdated.  What’s the purpose of all this clutter?  How has it been serving you? What’s the “downside” of letting go?

There are so many ways to get your emotional needs met in healthy ways without collecting clutter!

Try the EFT Tapping setup phrases below to help you start to clear the clutter from all parts of your life…

While tapping the side of hand on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

“Even though I hold onto clutter because I feel empty inside without it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I feel safer when I have a cluttered life, I am willing to release this pattern that’s blocking my abundance.”

“Even though being cluttered is a way to fill all my emotional voids, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”

*** Now for the phrases that focus on the problem ***

Eyebrow: “I have so much clutter in my life.”
Side of Eye:
 “I’ve always had this bad habit of collecting clutter.”
Under Eye:
 “I like my clutter and don’t want to let go.”
 “I would feel anxious without my stuff!”
 “Don’t make me let go of my clutter.”
 “I developed this habit over years.”
Under Arm:
 “I am afraid of feeling empty without my clutter.”
Head: “I’m willing to consider my safety issues around this topic.”

*** Now for the positive focus on the solution ***

Eyebrow: “What if I could release my clutter and still feel good?”
Side of Eye: “What if I cleared out the clutter and felt better in my life?”
Under Eye: “I want to let go of the clutter and feel safe anyway.”
Nose: “I choose to release my emotional clutter.”
Chin: “I don’t need all my stuff any more.”
Collarbone: “There could be so much room for abundance.”
Under Arm: “I’m willing to start releasing the clutter in my life.”
Head: “I appreciate its purpose and now I’m ready to let some of it go.”

Keep tapping, and enjoy the clarity and peace of mind that comes from these efforts!

Clearing Clutter from the Inside Out

Clearing Clutter Allows Abundance… 1

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