September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Circles of Support

If you find yourself becoming dependent on any one person for your health, healing, or emotional support, I strongly encourage you to expand your circle. I encourage everyone to seek out and invest in new friendships. If fear is getting in your way, explore using EFT to help you overcome them.

Outside my inner circle of close family and friends, there are others who have made a big, positive impact on my life. Since 1991 I have been receiving regular energy work and massage therapy. When I was very sick and finally found someone who could help, I drove nine hours each way for a session. One of the key milestones in my healing journey was when I found a local massage therapist, Vicki Carlson, who could also support me. It wasn’t just the time and financial commitment to travel so far out of town. Going to Vicki meant that I was willing to broaden both my circle of support and my circle of trust.

It would concern me if a client said something like, “Oh, I could never go to someone else.” Not only do I have a physical body that is guaranteed to die someday, I know from my own experience that people change. My professional skills evolve and may lead me in new directions. I take vacations. If my clients can “only see me,” what will they do while I am gone? One of my long-time mentors Christine Felker moved 1000 miles away recently. I loved her craniosacral sessions and our monthly time together. Yet, optimal health comes from knowing that we are well supported not just by One Special Person but by a circle that nurtures and encourages our spiritual connection to the Source of well-being within us.

I also want to encourage you to think in terms of circles of support in business, too. The internet represents a new kind of ecosystem. We have the opportunity to connect with others who have complementary skills and products, and through these connections we share both energetic support for our mutual mission and often financial return through affiliate revenue sharing. For this to succeed we have to relinquish our need to control and monopolize the customer—a fear-based thought that is never more of an illusion anyway.

I believe that if we “have to do it all ourselves,” we’re trapped. There is a limit to what one person can produce and support.

Yet, when we let go of the need to do it all ourselves, we become free to create trusting win-win relationships with others. We can join a circle of support that generously shares respect, recommendations, trust, and opportunity… a place where we are all committed students AND teachers. That is the kind of TEAM that excites me, that truly can demonstrate that Together Everyone Achieves More. If it excites you, too, I’d love for you to join the Thriving Now Team.

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