June 28, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

3 Steps to Recalibrating Our Threat Sensors

In times of high stress and changing concerns do you need to recalibrate your threat sensors?

And how do you do that?

It can be so challenging to deal with the sense of threat... and the stress that comes with it.

And when the situation is changing day-to-day, with new information, new rumors, new worries... The survival part of our brain can get frozen and overwhelmed.

The problem then is that our "fear" gauge can get stuck on high, and the constant stress and worry we feel can stress our bodies and minds badly. 

Our systems are not designed to be in constant Flight/Fight/Freeze... We're supposed to have at least moments of calm when we can enjoy the sunshine and the taste of strawberries.

For many of us, with the uncertainty of current times, it may be hard to have those quiet moments of repose...

And we're being bombarded with information about potential dangers... Health, economic, availability of resources, the well-being of friends and family, limited freedoms, and uncertainty on how to stay safe and what will happen next.

And being frozen means we may not have the focus or resources to deal with actual needs. We've worn ourselves out with potential threats and often have that deer-in-the-headlights response to new information.

When we help our survival (primitive) brain unfreeze, we give it and ourselves more choice and an ability to respond to changing needs more easily.

Those moments of peace, in our recalibrated space, help us recharge and find joy in life again.

If you'd like help calming your survival brain and recalibrating your threat sensors... We have a special gift for you.

Rick and I were talking about how we want to support you and what the biggest challenges are, and Rick suggested we help you recalibrate your threat response. In fact, we'll all do it together!

Please join us for this free (donations are welcome and not required - we want you to have new resiliency in these tough times) 1 hour coaching webinar where we'll cover the 3 Steps To Recalibrating Our Threat Sensors!

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3 Steps To Recalibrating Our Threat Sensors

If you want more in-depth support, sign up for Reprogramming Your Primitive Brain. This proven 6-module coaching and tapping course can give you a resilience and healthy responsiveness that feels SO GOOD compared to knee-jerk reactions that keep triggering fears and anxiety. Sign-up here now!

If you have questions, email us at support@thrivingnow.com or simply ask in the comment section below! 

Thanks for being with us!

Rick & Cathy
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