August 3, 2022 by Thriving Now Support

Gifts + Gaps = Me!

Gifts + Gaps = Me!

Embracing Who We Are (and Are Not)

What are YOUR gifts?

Do you find it difficult to acknowledge them?

Do you jump right into diminishing your gifts by adding what you’re not good at (your gaps)?

Gifts + Gaps = Me! 1

Embracing our gifts can be HARD. Often times we have been picked on about them, ridiculed, or told not to be so “full of ourselves.” Yet our gifts are core to who we are! Some we were born into. Others we’ve had to work to cultivate.

Our Gaps — the things we’re not good at — are often much louder. Gaps tend to activate self-criticism, even self-hate! Yet, everyone has gaps!

Growing doesn’t always mean “overcoming our gaps.” It can mean simply embracing our gifts and looking for ease and flow… adaptations that work amazingly well for us… and opportunities for co-creation with people whose gifts mesh with our gaps.

Would you like to give your gifts and your gaps a hearty embrace for the decade to come? Join us for this working session where we’ll accept and respect our gifts and our gaps together. It’s free and we’ll do lots of tapping and shifting energy.

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  • Honestly, I believe this 90-minute session can be a Difference Maker in our lives. To embrace our gifts is an act of courage. To acknowledge our gaps with acceptance is an act of hearty vulnerability. To come Together to do so changes the emotional world we share in profound ways. THANK YOU for being someone who does hard, good work like this! Love to you… always all ways.

  • Hey, I just want to thank both of you for today. I really enjoyed it, it was so nice to feel a connection with the group, and it’s always so nice to see you two working together, being honest and sharing, and encouraging us to do the same. I think what I enjoy the most of your groups, is that I never feel like you two (the moderators, haha the EXPERTS) are above us, the plebeians.
    So thanks for your time, and thanks for making it free.
    hey it kind of felt like our old raggle taggle homeschooler group. all individuals and so much love and ease.
    big hugs

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