Clarity is a state of being where we know what matters to us. We can see a situation without flinching, hear our inner wisdom, choose our next YES, and act with calm confidence.

  • Clarity gives us energy for confidence.
  • Seeking clarity helps us calm ourselves and get solid on what matters to us.
  • Clarity is different from "making decisions" — especially ones we feel pressured to make — because it lets us take actions in baby steps, Yes-to-Yes, adapting along the way as the situation evolves (as all situations do!).
  • Clarity can be felt as a full-body, mind, and spirit vibration, so we feel congruent and stronger through the inspired actions that arise from our clarity.

Pressure to Decide!

To decide is to make a final choice, to fix a course of action, to cut off from other possibilities.

It can be helpful to decide which shoes to wear when you're heading out into the rain — at least so your socks don't get soaked. Being indecisive can leave us stressed out and feeling pressure from others who need us to decide so we can get out the door together!

Tests also demand that we decide. Is it A-B-or-C? Perhaps it is… None of the above! Ugh. We are taught to be decisive — and criticized when we are indecisive.

Yet, so much of a Thriving Life has to do with feeling into what truly matters to us… and taking actions inspired from those core values.

Whereas deciding cuts us off from other choices, clarity reconnects us to our deep truth. Clarity allows us to live with uncertainty. Clarity is okay with not always being "in control" because our confidence rises from a different place than trying to force a situation one way or another.

When you feel pressured to "decide" — especially if the decision is one where you want to consider what matters most to you — we encourage you to take a Powerful Pause and allow yourself the space to get clear.

Tap All Your Intelligences

Many people experience "deciding" as a head-centered experience that can leave the body and heart feeling left out.

Clarity taps into the intelligences and intuitions in the head, heart, gut, groin… and in your energy field. Clarity for those with a spiritual awareness feels congruent with our spiritual essence, too.

We have intellect, of course. We can think and analyze situations round and round and round again!

We also have emotional intelligence. Sensors in our primitive brain and gut can give us feelings about a situation that may not seem "logical" yet provide crucial input. Clarity taps into all our intelligences because clarity is a feeling we can recognize and trust as the guidance that is right for us… right here… right now.

Quiet the Noise and Overwhelm to Get Clear

It's so human to get overwhelmed. The more critical something feels, the scarier the possible outcomes we can imagine and the noisier our nervous system gets.

Our brain, sitting on top of the whole body's electrical wiring and bathed in its stress chemicals, can flip into Primitive Brain mode and be willing to replace clarity with fleeing the situation, forcing a decision, or freezing.

Clarity cannot come to us when we're in our Primitive Brain. This means we'll need to calm our system, regulate again, and then ground ourselves. Then we can ask our whole being…

What matters to me here?

Clarity is grounded in what matters to us. As we practice seeking clarity, we tune in again and again to our core needs, desires, and intentions. From this place, we notice that muddy waters settle, clouds lift, and fear quivers subside.

Choices made from clarity serve our thriving in ways decisions made from stress and fear simply cannot.

Useful Questions

  • What am I clear about here?
  • What truly matters to me in these kinds of situations?
  • Am I trying to be certain and in control here — when that is not a reality?
  • What do I feel clear about (or not) in my head? My heart? My gut? My groin/pelvis/womb/core?
  • Is the way I am perceiving this… and the choices I'm giving myself… feel true to my Nature and what I know to be true about me?
  • What might be a downside of being clear?
  • I imagine that if I WERE clear right now, I would… what?


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