May 15, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

#27 – Why is CLARITY so important?

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Tap Talk Radio #27 – Why is CLARITY so important?

Most of us don’t realize how vibrationally unclear we are. One moment we’ll say “I want _____! NOW!” In the next moment we realize that we don’t feel completely safe, or confident, or deserving. Limiting beliefs start cropping up. If we really allow ourselves to feel what it would be like to actually HAVE what we want, we notice tensions in our body. That means that while your head may want something, your body is not ALIGNED with it. You’re putting off a mixed vibration, and of course, by the Law of Attraction, the Universe is giving you mixed messages back.

So how can you reach clean, crisp, vibrational clarity? Listen as Carol and Rick take you through:

– Tapping on overwhelm
– Tapping on what is clouding your clarity
– Taking the two-minute baby step towards clarity
– Connecting to feelings in your body that are offering you guidance
– Aligning head, heart, gut, and groin
– Tapping on “I’m not clear yet, and I’m not sure why.”
– What color is your banana?
– Moving towards a clear vibration of, “Yes, Universe! I’m ready. I’m allowing this. It’s definitely right for me.”

Clearing Clutter with EFT – Coaching Program with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes

Clutter is a perfect example of not having clarity. But it isn’t just about “organization.” There are emotions in our stuff! There are fears and unconscious rules that block us from knowing… with CLARITY… what to do with our stuff. In Clearing Clutter with EFT, Carol and Rick address the topic of clutter from every possible angle—emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual. Listening and tapping along will change the way you deal with any kind of clutter and help release the reasons you have this challenge.




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