Heartistry is expressing into the world what matters to you.

  • Heartistry frees us from the judgments and expectations humans have about what is worthy of being considered "artistry" and what is not.
  • Heartistic expression grows our sense of who we are.
  • Grounded in what matters in our core — heart, body, and mind — even simple acts nourish and revitalize our energy and attitude.

Heartistry Matters… Regardless of Acclaim, Criticism, or Results

If it matters to you, it's worth expressing!

Of course, people will judge what you do. You will probably judge, too.

Judgment is natural. Heartists don't stop there. We go deeper and get clearer about how our co-creativity flows toward what matters to us.

Heartistry invites us to explore a different way of being with ourselves and others.

Let's say someone writes a song that really doesn't "work" for you. You dislike it.

But what if free expression through song matters to you… what happens if you ask the heartist who wrote or performed it, "What aspect of You are you expressing through this song? What makes this matter to you?"

This re-tunes us from chronically focusing on "performance" and whether we like/dislike a result towards connecting with what matters and supporting each other in being emotionally free.

It's not that we won't judge.

It's that we don't STOP at the judgment, nor let the judgment stop us!

We go deeper. We inquire, "What matters to me here?"

We seek to take inspired actions from that place of meaning. We respect the source of our actions, honor the intentions, and keep acting from those core values.

When we do, we also co-create more freedom for everyone in the community to do the same.

Heartistry Can Be Simple

Consider for a moment one thing that matters to your heart.

What is the simplest way you can imagine expressing that into the world?

Let's say it is Kindness.

We could express kindness with a smile. A kind word. A little note. A thoughtful gesture. A stick figure drawing. A pat on the back. An offered snack.

It can be a kindness towards another… or for yourself.

What's amazing is that heartistry magnifies what matters to us, no matter how subtle or impactful the action is!

When we express our heartistry, it's easier to feel thriving.

It's even more exciting (and freeing) when we realize that heartisty includes anything and everything that really matters to us. Does competence matter to you? Each time you act with competence, you're expressing your heartistry.

How about calm confidence? Yeah, nobody we know is calm and confident all the time. Yet each time we consciously calm our fears and anxiety and boost our confidence… we're in our heartistry.

And what if one aspect of what matters is not available right now? We're guessing you have other aspects of you that matter that can come forth. Perhaps we're stressed and tired… and can bring forth empathy.

Perhaps we're not feeling courageous… so we activate accepting and adapting.

What a heartist we can be when we tap into the spectrum of who we are and what matters to us.

Useful Questions

  • 1.2.3… What Matters to Me here?
  • What is the simplest and easiest way I can express that part of me into the world?
  • Can I honor my heartistry here, long before any "goal" is "achieved" or the project is "completed" ?
  • What aspects of me are coming forth in this experience?


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