Adapting is a creative path that moves us beyond rigid thinking. It encourages us to engage our inner wisdom, spark our curiosity, and explore fresh possibilities. This process allows us to deeply connect with what truly matters, leading to choices that align with our deepest values.

  • Adapting helps us avoid feeling stuck or trapped — and know we have choices!
  • Adapting allows us to rise above our basic instincts of avoidance, defensiveness, or overwhelm, unlocking our intuition and curiosity.
  • Adapting builds resilience, shifting us from mere coping to a conscious recognition of our options.
  • When we choose to adapt, we turn our moments of feeling stuck into profound opportunities for growth. It's a chance to view the world through a lens of "possibilities" and make choices that deeply resonate with who we are and what we cherish.
  • Choosing to adapt as a conscious intention teaches us that feeling stuck is not actually a dead-end but a chance for growth, to view the world anew, and to make choices that reflect who we are and what we value.

I Don't Have a Choice…

Yes, you do.

It might seem absurd to make such an assertion without knowing the specific circumstances, but… when we feel we have no choice, that trapped feeling is a clue… a clue to pause, accept the unwanted reality, and start a list of possible options.

"Fine! I'll go hide in a cave and never come out, even to poop!"

The first "option" can sound like that. Hiding is often a choice, even if not an ideal one. Write it down, and continue adapting. What might a more savvy exit look like?

"I could raise an army and defeat the beast!"

Fight is also a choice. Write it down and keep adapting. Would a better boundary help here?

Consider what might be possible if you were calmer right now.

If you felt a bit more confident, what options appear?

Write them down, and keep adapting.

What if you were free of obligation, and there wasn't a "have to"? Does your imagination give you fresh options?

Embrace your freedom to choose. Let every feeling of being trapped be your cue to adapt and discover the power you hold to shape your world with choices that resonate with you.

How Do I Want to Feel?

Imagine shaping your choices around how you want to feel.

We tend to focus on what physical actions we can take: "What do I need to DO here?"

Imagine beginning with a heartfelt question: How do I truly want to feel?

Want to feel supported? What choices might lead to you feeling even a bit more supported?

Want to feel safer? Notice the options that feel a bit less safe… and those that feel a bit more safe. Playing with the sensations you feel as you try on different choices helps us adapt in small ways that lead to big benefits over time.

What if you want to focus on ease and flow? Picture making choices that naturally bring a sense of ease, seamlessly integrating into your life's rhythm. Such decisions begin to awaken and energize your body and mind, aligning with your innate wisdom.

Start by focusing on how you want to feel. This easy step is a great way to adapt and thrive, leading you to choices that bring you much more of what you want to feel!

Useful Questions

  • What are (at least) five possible approaches I could take?
  • How might different people adapt in this situation?
  • How many ideas (including wild ones I'd never choose) can I write down in 5 minutes?
  • If I had more help, what choices would be easier to imagine?
  • Am I struggling to see options because of past experiences?
  • If I were calm and confident, how would that help me adapt right now?
  • How do I want to feel… and what choices lead me there?


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