June 28, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Emerging… 4 Steps for Tapping into Courage and Clarity When You Need It

The emotional weather these days feels... unpredictable. Sunny feeling one moment and then with a cold gust of fearfulness -- other people's if not our own. 

It's into this that we emerge... and not just now from quarantine and isolation. People who have struggled with social anxiety will tell you: this ain't new! Each day we decide to be engaging is a day that calls upon our resources.

One of those resources is: Courage. It is an energy of the heart, beating and flowing the energies carried in our blood to every cell in our body. It's a miracle!

And it's subject to disruption, cold contraction, and depletion. 

It's also subject to strengthening, nourishing, and RE-vitalization! 


Certainly rest, nutrition, and movement are a big part of what we need.

We also need a kind of clarity at our core. We need to be able to integrate through our heart, mind, and body all the "info" and "sensor data" and... decide what is right for us as individuals and for those we're engaging with most intimately.


  1. Quiet the noise
  2. Gain clarity
  3. Overcome inertia and resistance to take inspired action
  4. ...and one step that most people miss: The AFTER EFFECTS! The feeling of weirdness, vulnerability, uncertainty.

Please come "be with us as a community circle," tap with us, and engage together so we can all emerge ever more fully into our courage and clarity.

It's free. It's also true that your donations help make this possible... and are not required. Let's engage, explore, and tap together for 1 hour on Emerging... 4 Steps for Tapping into Courage and Clarity When You Need It!

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Emerging... 4 Steps for Tapping into Courage and Clarity When You Need It

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Emerging… 4 Steps for Tapping into Courage and Clarity When You Need It 1

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Rick & Cathy
Your Emotional Freedom Coaches

  • So excited to engage with you on this! What questions or wonders do you have on courage or clarity?

    • I need to know why my body reacts to stress by feeling anxiety.

      • Well, stress is hard on the body. It wants RELIEF from stress, and if it isn’t getting it in a reasonable time period, it adds more chemicals to your bloodstream, your nervous system starts getting more activated, and… anxiety!

        It’s why tending to our stress in ways that build capacity and resilience are soooo important for our physical and emotional well-being.

        Are you tapping on your stresses at all? If so, what approach are you taking?


    • I have a question about maybe both courage and clarity… a recurring pattern of mine is every time I set a goal or even an intention to do something new or go beyond where I’ve been able to go, that I (almost immediately) get really tired and/or all sorts of distractions take over my life. This isn’t once in a while, it’s every single time. What could this be about?

      • It can be REALLY helpful to ask your body as you set the intention or goal: “What doesn’t feel safe about this yet?” — that can clue you in. Clearly from an energy standpoint, you are not someone who just uses WILLPOWER to force yourself — I can’t either. I need to be clear what isn’t safe, to have adaptations that work for me, to have 2-minute ways to “Get Started Now” which allows my energy to get moving… stuff like that.

        As you consider an example where you ended up not taking action, what didn’t feel safe?


  • Well, I feel like I’m on wheel lacking from both…whenever I feel I know what I want, I feel I’m not able to do it…and I begin to wonder, “do I really want this?”… I feel really overwhelmed sometimes, don’t know how to get out from that. Thank you so much for doing this, see you tomorrow!

    • For those of us who can get overwhelmed, tapping on the body sensations that arise can really help. Also, what doesn’t feel safe about this? And, “What is the first 2-minute action I can take and then pause?” Do you want to consider a recent situation, answer those for yourself, and share them here or by email to Rick@Thrivingnow.com? Thanks for sharing!

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