Abundance is the uplifting feeling that nourishes us when we actively embrace what is beautiful, pleasing, and inspiring in our lives and within ourselves, cultivating a profound sense of well-being and a heartfelt recognition of our "more than enoughness."

  • Abundance is an antidote to the scarcity mindset that drives so much stress and striving.
  • The energy we get from feeling abundant nourishes our body, mind, and spirit — allowing us to enjoy a thriving life.
  • When we feel abundant, we are more present.
  • Vibrations connected to abundance calm the primitive brain and allow our heart to be more engaged with the choices before us.
  • Helps us feel good about who we are and what we have.

Money Put into Healthy Perspective

People stress about money constantly. And, yes, there are times when a person's debt is too high for comfort, money inflow is insufficient for comfort, and uncertainty insists we not get comfortable!

But do any of us do our best thinking or most valuable work when we are stressed out and overwhelmed?

Abundance is not tied to our bank balance or net worth. The practice of the abundance mindset means that we allow ourselves to feel abundance anyway.

If the money situation is loud and stressful, practice with something else — something you imagine you could appreciate if you gave it a minute to affect you.

  • Something money cannot buy — like sunshine or a wild tree or a hug
  • Something money bought in the past — a musical instrument you enjoy, or a warm blanket, or a comfortable chair

When you tune yourself to that which is already in your world, and you allow these to calm, comfort, and nourish you a bit more deeply — and then deeper still — you are activating Resources inside you.

It's true. We've become, as a culture, so accustomed to doing work under stress that "abundance" has come to mean, for too many, that full feeling when we eat the entire bag of chips and a carton of ice cream.

True abundance is felt in the first bite… if you let it. It is felt in colors that catch your fancy. And yes, abundance can be felt even when just $5 flows through your life… If you choose… If you allow.

Abundant Love

Oh! If it were only easy to love ourselves!

It's not. We have billions of dollars in marketing telling us we're not good enough and that we won't be lovable / desirable unless we buy their cream, widget, or brew.

Almost all humans these days have also been traumatized. Betrayed. Abandoned. Bullied. Called names and considered "less than" by others. Passed over, fired, rejected, criticized. Ouch.

How in the world do we feel abundance in the face of all that?

Start with what matters to you… that you love… that you want more of in the emotional world.

Let's say you love and appreciate kindness.

  1. When you offer a bit of kindness to others and yourself, take a moment and savor it. Recognize that there is a Source within us we can tap into and generate kindnesses.

  2. Notice in your world where someone is kind to another person. Become a Detective of Kindness — recognizing and celebrating it. You can even let the kind person know that you noticed!

  3. Speak to yourself, "I so love kindness! Thank you, Universe. Send me more!"

Our primitive brain indeed looks for threats, so "unkindness" (and cruelty) will tend to be seen more readily — unless we practice looking for and amplifying what we truly love… What matters to us.

When we do this and develop a real skill for it, we find that the energies we seek are far, far more abundant than we initially perceived.

LOVE these energies. LOVE what matters. LOVE it when you are true to your hearty nature. Feel the abundance in that… and allow the noise to quiet and your confidence to grow.

Mistaking Yearning for Lack

If it matters to us, we will yearn for it. And yearn for more and more of it.

The "it" can be love, or great food, or safety. "It" can be intimacy, new experiences, or the feeling of making a difference.

Indeed, we imagine that there can be moments of exquisitely uncomfortable yearning if it matters to you!

But what do most people do when they feel that yearning? They turn it back on themselves. They accuse themselves of being a failure. They see other people who have what they want and feel deprived, envious, and hopeless.

Those feelings are definitely not abundance.

It can help us to accept our yearning. We yearn because it matters.

It can help to notice if what we yearn for really is completely and utterly missing from our life… or does it already exist and we resist savoring it as much as we could?

We're not pretending that a connection over Zoom is at all the same as a cuddle in person. And we can still feel a connection energetically. We can allow it to activate a feeling of a bit more abundance than lack.

In that choice, we're acknowledging the gap — the yearning we have — between what is already here and what is not (yet!).

Useful Questions

  • Am I focused on scarcity in a way that blocks me from feeling the abundance that is also present?
  • Do I have a belief about abundance that blocks me from feeling good about myself and my life right now?
  • If I am not feeling abundant about that, could I feel abundance in another area of my life?
  • How could Nature help me feel more connected to the vibration of abundance than I do right now?
  • What art, music, or dance might help me feel more abundantly alive to nourish my heart and soul a bit?
  • How might I feel good about Who I Am and What I Have… anyway?


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