Practical means it can be put into action in the physical and emotional worlds. A concept that is practical is meant to be useful and has the potential to contribute to our thriving.

  • Concepts that have practical applications can be applied to life situations.
  • If it is practical… it can be practiced! With practice comes real skill. With real skill comes greater capacity and resiliency.
  • Ideas, theories, visions, and dreams can inspire and help us explore. When grounded in reality, they become practical guides for decision-making and inspired action.

Practice Makes Skillful

The tiresome expression "practice makes perfect" is ready to be retired. When any action can be practiced, what comes from that practice is skill.

Real skill is grounded in knowing that practices do not have an "endpoint." What's a perfect painting? What's a perfect kiss? Even for the "master," the notion itself is a bit absurd, yet it blocks so many from being practical.

A thriving life has practices. Even spontaneity and improvisation are practices! Especially in the emotional world, our practices build awareness, depth, savvy, and resilience. These real skills let us focus our power to co-create together.

What's Practical Also Gives Energy

One can indeed practice suffering. Being able to endure (cope, not quit) is a kind of skill. It's a survival skill, just not a skill for thriving…

Is it possible to take something painful and turn it into a practice for thriving? Absolutely!

Take a headache. Ouch! Headaches are hard. Our primitive brain wants to fight them or run from the pain. Sometimes we collapse into helplessness.

One could…

  • Be curious… what would help my body feel supported?
  • Be compassionate… yes, a part of me is screaming. I can send it understanding and support it however I can.
  • Be still… and drop into a deeper connection and awareness of how your energy and tissues are moving, pulsing, or tensing.
  • Be asking… turning to those who care for you, and asking for specific support.
  • Be free… saying no without shame to anything you're not up for right now.

All these are practical ways of cultivating a love relationship with your body and enhancing your resilience in times of physical distress.

Notice that these practices — which are possible even when we're suffering from a headache — give us energy. Relief is energy. Replenishment is energy. Loving-kindness is energy. A healthy respect for where we are and what we feel… protects our energy and lets our body heal.

Useful Questions

  • Can this be practiced? What would that look like right now?
  • What is the next small and practical action I can take with my available energy and resources?


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