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Coping Works… Is it really the best we can do?

Why is clearing trauma so important and so beneficial in this day and age?

It can fundamentally change how we look at the world and how much possibility we can create!

Think about a time 10,000 years ago. If you broke your leg back then, you might have fashioned a split out of a couple of tree limbs and some leather. But from that point on, didn’t you just have to cope? There were no X-rays or surgeons, no plaster casts or titanium pins. Your leg might hurt, it might heal badly and make it hard to move, but you didn’t have much choice…

Your choice was either to cope or be leopard food. And so, the humans that survived to procreate developed coping mechanisms. We CAN just “get by.”

Unless you actively choose to see things from a new perspective, you will be subconsciously stuck in that survival mode… even if there IS a healing option available right at your fingertips!

Coping Works... Is it really the best we can do? 1Let’s say we lived in a world where—if you got a rock in your shoe—that was it, you could NOT get it out. It’s hopeless. The rock was something you’d have to live with forever. What would friends and family say to you about this new pain of yours?

“Well, you just gotta do what you gotta do.”

“You just gotta learn to make the best of it.”

“Stop whining and tough it out!”

And so you’d cope, right?

You’d start by trying to keep the weight off of it, trying to walk in a way that caused the least pain. Your body and mind would do everything they could to adapt to that rock. Ouch. After a month or two, you’d have disconnected from your foot, wouldn’t you? And hate that part of you…

“Well, I’ve got one foot still. I can just kind of hobble around…”

Your gait would change to minimize the pain. Now what’s going to happen to your hip? It’s going to cope, right? It’s going to start adapting. Your back’s going to change. Your whole spinal adjustment may change. And pretty soon, you’re still making it… despite that rock in your foot. And if there was nothing else that we could do…well, that’s the best that you could do, right?

Luckily, we live in a world where you CAN take rocks out of your shoes. And we have marvelous technologies that let us do much more than cope with even serious issues.

We live in a day now where someone who loses their lower leg on one side, but is an athlete, a sprinter, a runner… they may seriously looks at whether they should have their other leg amputated so that they can use amazing new technologies that allow them to sprint even faster than most humans.

We’ve entered a period of medical technology where if you have broken your leg and it was set wrong and is now three inches shorter, they would look at re-breaking the leg in order for you to be set right.

Old, Unhealed Trauma Can Be Set Right Now, Too

And now, we’re looking at trauma as something that can be dealt with in the same way… that can be INTERNALLY SET RIGHT even decades later. But culturally, when I grew up, if something bad happened… the spiritual answer, the most divine answer about what to do if someone did you wrong was…

Forgive and forget. With a heavy emphasis on the forget part! If you can’t forgive, at least forget. And stop whining about it! (That was the best they had to offer.)

Suppressing unhealed traumas is a great coping mechanism… but ONLY if you can’t do anything better about it.

There’s still something actively going on inside of you around undischarged trauma… they are like rocks in your shoes. 

Now, with tapping and our understanding of trauma, we can clear out the “old rocks from our shoes.” Or, we can live in denial and wonder why we limp through life.

We’ve seen amazing changes in people’s lives once they start releasing old traumas. The freedom and choice they discover is beautiful to see. This is why we’ve put so much time and love into creating our Trauma Relief products.

Coping Works... Is it really the best we can do? 2Trauma Relief Workshop
If you use EFT with others, and you’d like to deeply understand how tapping plays a key role in gently and quickly supporting the trauma healing process, we HIGHLY recommend this pre-recorded workshop with a helpful transcript and handbook. If you have trauma of your own, this can help you clear and release in profound ways. https://www.thrivingnow.com/tn-trworkshop

Childhood Trauma Relief Starter Set
For those who want an in-depth but shorter overview of childhood trauma, how it effects the body and mind, and effective ways to transform those old “rocks”, this package will guide you through the process and give you examples. https://www.thrivingnow.com/pkg-cctrauma1/


EFT Tapping is one of the most powerful tools you can have at your fingertips. It can help your primitive brain release old beliefs… so you finally see a path you can follow to getting what you’ve always wanted… with less painful limping and a lot more grace.

Thanking the parts of you that coped for all that time can help the release go easier, as well. It’s easy to blame the parts of us that didn’t take the rocks out our shoes earlier… yet they were doing the best they knew how with what they knew then.

Karate Chop: Even though things were tough, I did learn to cope, and I’m grateful I had that skill. I thank the parts of me that did their best, and I let them know they can relax now.

Even though coping was the best I could do back then, I have new options now. I invite my system to see these new possibilities… and to help me pull the rocks out of my shoes.

Even though there is trauma stuck inside, I’m learning new ways of releasing, and I look forward to moving forward easily and with freedom!

Top of the Head: I learned to cope.
Eyebrow: I tuned out and ignored the parts of me that hurt.
Side of the Eye: I had to… in order to get by.
Under the Eye: It was the best I could do.
Under the Nose: And now I’m not even sure where all the rocks are.
Chin: I’m so used to these coping mechanisms.
Collarbone: I think it’s how life is.
Under the Arm: It’s been this way for so long.

Top of the Head: What if I could get help?
Eyebrow: What if I could tap along and get reminded of my “rocks”?
Side of the Eye: I can learn what effects other people…
Under the Eye: And get ideas for me and my tribe.
Under the Nose: I can learn new techniques for removing rocks.
Chin: I can regain my freedom and my clarity.
Collarbone: I am tired of limping.
Under the Arm: I want all of my power back!

Top of the Head: I was stuck for a long time.
Eyebrow: I love how resilient I am becoming.
Side of the Eye: I can take the best from everything I learn…
Under the Eye: And create a toolbox…
Under the Nose: Custom fit for me.
Chin: I’m glad I have the ability to cope.
Collarbone: And I’m ready for some new techniques and approaches.
Under the Arm: I remove the rocks from my shoes…
Top of the Head: And step forward with new confidence and ease!

Take a deep breath.

When you clear old traumas from your body-mind, you are literally transforming your emotional world. When you do, you’re not only taking the rocks out of your shoes, you are changing your emotional weather, smoothing out the bumps, and activating energies within you that were shut down as part of coping. This absolutely helps you live, laugh, and love with confidence.

A group of us meet through the telephone and internet to do just this. If you’d like to have a circle of support in your life, we invite you to join us as part of the Thriving Now Team.


Originally published November 22, 2011

  • I read somewhere that as human beings we can get used to anything. It’s nice to hear from you how we don’t need to keep suffering or putting up with stuff. Truly, we needn’t be in the coping mode forever. Nor do we need to be constantly whining . EFT is indeed an excellent and fast acting way to release feelings of hopelessness that trauma often leaves behind. Thanks for the accompanying script too!

    • Indeed, we CAN get used to anything. I’m grateful that approaches like EFT can now help us relieve the suffering and hopelessness that trauma often leaves behind. Thanks, Sonal!

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