December 29, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

It’s Not Really Mine Anyway… Letting In Abundance

Do you let yourself “own” your abundance? 

Most of us would immediately say, “Yes, of course. I just want more!”

But if you dig a little deeper, you may find some old patterns and fears lurking in the shadows, blocking your enjoyment and how much you let in.

Do you feel like your money is really yours, or is part of you waiting for someone to snatch it away?

Do you feel like the love in your life belongs to you, can you really let it in, or are you bracing for when it disappears? Even the food you eat… do you feel like you can accept all the nutrients, energy, and enjoyment in it… or is part of you tense and resistant to it, not sure you deserve it?

As children, the love, security, and food (and for some of us, even the breath we took) were at the whim of our parents. Small children know how dependent they are. They can’t provide for themselves. They can’t get a job, drive a car, or buy food. They have no idea how to look around the world at large to find love.

Loving, balanced parents can help children feel safe and abundant. They can help them learn to let the beauty and warmth in.

The problem is, even loving parents have their own fears. 

They have their own blocks to abundance. And we often absorbed those fears and blocks along with our morning juice. We internalized them until they seemed like fact. We’re taught never to question them, even when they stop us from enjoying life fully.

Those blocks are like wiring your jaw shut just before a fabulous all-you-can-eat buffet! There may be abundance all around, but you can’t really let it in.

The good news is… whether you had loving parents or not, you can tap and reclaim your abundance.

  • Imagine releasing the resistance to allowing more financial abundance and really owning it.
  • Feel the energy and emotional wealth to fill you and rejuvenate you.
  • Imagine allowing the love into your heart and being fully present with it as it soothes and warms you.
  • Know the food you eat is really yours… allowing the spirit of the food to nurture your heart as the vitamins and minerals nurture your body.

Let’s do some EFT Tapping to connect with that abundance now:

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I learned long ago that what I have isn’t really mine, I choose to embrace my abundance now, and reclaim my connection to money, love, and food.

Even though I didn’t feel safe with it back then, I knew they could take it away, I tune into my power now and allow myself to enjoy my abundance in the moment.

Even though I never felt like it was mine, maybe I can claim it and enjoy it anyway. That would certainly raise my vibration and help me attract more of this good stuff!

Top of the Head: Is it really safe to claim this now?
Eyebrow: I know I didn’t always have control back then.
Side of the Eye: I didn’t feel like it belonged to me.
Under the Eye: I only got it if I was “good.”
Under the Nose: I only got it if they noticed me.
Chin: They could take it away….
Collarbone: Or never share at all.
Under the Arm: I learned to only borrow abundance.

Top of the Head: What if the Universe wants me to have it?
Eyebrow: What if it was sent just for me?
Side of the Eye: Maybe I can keep it now.
Under the Eye: The money, the love, the food.
Under the Nose: They’re all special gifts to me.
Chin: I choose to start letting that in.
Collarbone: It feels pretty good!
Under the Arm: Thank you, Universe!

Top of the Head: I was pretty scared.
Eyebrow: I kept protecting myself from loss.
Side of the Eye: I braced myself against abundance.
Under the Eye: But I don’t need to anymore.
Under the Nose: I choose to allow it in.
Chin: I ask the Universe…
Collarbone: My body, and my brain…
Under the Arm: To help me embrace abundance.
Top of the Head: And enjoy every last drop!

Take a deep breath.

How did that feel? Were you able to open some to the abundance all around you?

If you noticed any shift at all, that’s a great sign! Keep practicing and you’ll get better and better!

If you couldn’t open up, what stopped you? You might be stuck behind issues of fear, deserving, and safety.

In our Group Coaching Program, we know that how we feel about money and how we connect with our body and food are two sides of the same coin. As you “fix” one, you are often working on the same core issues that block the other. If you want to accelerate your connection with abundance, join us today!

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  • nice tapping, i feel more relaxed – you guys really help THANKS

  • I so appreciate you and your newsletter – you hit my issues right on the head. Light and blessings to you 

  • Melanie - says:

    keep your brilliance and love coming

  • Wow. This has got to be THE core of what’s been holding me back.
    Very cool.

    Thank you!!

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